Top Things To Do In Cherry Hill Nj Near Me, Top Things To Do In Cherry Hill


Cherry Hill, NJ is a family-friendly township located in Camden County. If you are spending time with your family here, there are various fun activities for you to try. Here are some of the top-rated places recommended by families like you.

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Learn the fun way at the museum.

The Garden State Discovery Museum is a family favorite in Cherry Hill. Kids thoroughly enjoy the various areas here, such as the science section, the sports spots, and the craft area. The entire place is filled with interactive exhibits so that even younger children are delighted. As for parents, this is an easy pick to hold birthday parties in.

Play your heart out at the arcade and alley.

One of the most popular spots for fun and games in Cherry Hill is The Big Event (formerly known as Playdrome). It is mainly a bowling alley that now boasts of a game arcade, a Lazer Maze, a rock wall, a sticky wall, pool tables, ping pong tables, and more. Adults and kids alike will find something to enjoy here. And when the family needs to refuel after an afternoon of playing, you can simply try the in-house café.

Explore a fascinating model collection.

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At the spacious Toy Train Emporium, you and your family can browse, play with, and buy from a large collection of model trains. Children get wide-eyed at the store’s hands-on displays, large layouts, and wide array of railroad scales. Meanwhile, serious model train collectors are impressed with the store’s vast offerings. Some fans of Lionel toy trains even call this shop a paradise, as they find the pieces they’ve long looked for here.

Get active.

The International Sports Center at Cherry Hill is a well-loved venue for indoor and outdoor sports for all ages. It not only has fields for traditional sports such as soccer and hockey, it also boasts of a roller skating rink, an arcade, and even a bounce house. What parents like most about this place is that it constantly offers a lot of events and activities like weekend specials, sports programs, and summer camps.

With all these options for you and your family, you won’t have a dull moment in Cherry Hill. But what’s more important is that you enjoy your quality time together. And remember to be safe! If you run into some trouble on the road, especially if involves an accident or an injury, the Grossman Law Firm is here to help you.

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