The War Of The Americas – What Do You Think Was Like

A Chronology of Armed Conflict in the Western Hemisphere, 2nd Edition

by David F. Marley

From Christopher Columbus and the conquistadors to the dawn of the 21st century, the Americas have rarely been conflict-free. From explorers and empire-builders confronting indigenous peoples while looking for wealth in the New World to revolutionaries and nationalists seeking to redefine their countries, these conflicts have had consequences well beyond the boundaries of the Western Hemisphere.

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A comprehensive account of every major war and battle fought in the Americas, this revised edition of the award-winning Wars of the Americas offers up-to-date scholarship on the conflicts that have shaped a hemisphere.

When it was first published in 1998, Wars of the Americas: A Chronology of Armed Conflict in the Western Hemisphere was the only major reference focused exclusively on warfare in all its forms in North, Central, and South America over the past five centuries. Now this acclaimed resource returns in a dramatically expanded new edition.

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For its second edition, Wars of the Americas has been doubled in size to two full volumes: the first covers all wars and major battles from the earliest Spanish conquests through the 18th-century colonial rivalries that gripped the hemisphere. The second volume covers covers the American Revolutionary War and all subsequent conflicts up to the present. In addition to exhaustive updating throughout and a deeper focus on the historical context of each conflict, the new edition includes new coverage of the present-day drug cartel wars, international terrorism, and the ever-evolving relationships between the United States and the nations of Latin America.

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Thousands of dated entries in two complete volumes, covering major battles and engagements of every war in the Western Hemisphere over the last 500 yearsMore than 200 sidebars offering insights on famous commanders and such important topics as weapons development, epidemics, and moreMore than 90 maps detailing the course of specific battles, invasions, and assaults271 illustrations—a spectacular collection including many depicting little-known campaigns, soldiers” living conditions, everyday citizens and combatants caught up in conflict, and moreTwo bibliographies (one for each volume), organized by chapter and in some cases subchapters to allow for very targeted resources easily available for readers


Includes point-of-use reference sidebars on important people, places, and technologies, providing users with a broader understanding of the events of the chronologyNearly doubles the coverage of the highly successful first editionDraws on the expertise of an author fluent in various relevant languages and thus able to explore firsthand primary materials inaccessible to othersOffers hard-to-find descriptions of many lesser-known wars and engagements that, because they are rarely covered, will be of great interest to military enthusiasts
Author Info

David F. Marley is a naval historian who has lived and traveled extensively in Latin America and Europe and currently resides in Canada. His published works include”s Historic Cities of the Americas, Pirates and Privateers of the Americas, and the first edition of Wars of the Americas.



“Wars of the Americas: A Chronology of Armed Conflict in the Western Hemisphere appears in its 2nd updated edition to appeal to a range of collections, from public libraries strong in military history and specialty military history collections to general-interest collections.”—Midwest Book Review

“This useful reference set is suitable for academic institutions, large public libraries, and specialized collections, especially those that do not already have the first edition.”—Choice

“Libraries with regional collections will find this a welcome addition.”—School Library Journal

“I highly recommend them for specialists and general readers alike.”—U.S. Naval Institute

“Of the many reference books on the history of warfare, this is clearly the most comprehensive chronology in print. . . . Throughout the volumes are more than 271 pictures and illustrations, over 90 maps, and more than 200 sidebars that immeasurably enhance the value of the project. The topical bibliographies are impressive, and the books include a glossary, and geographical and general indexes. In sum, this is a very large and valuable undertaking. . . . In every sense, this is a marvelous reference work that would be valuable for any library.”—ARBA

“. . . the information provides intriguing hints of events worth further exploration and readers may be inspired to look at some of the resources for further reading which are located at the end of each volume.”—Pennsylvania School Librarians Association

“Currently, it is the only chronology of its kind available; recommended for libraries in need of such a subject reference. “—Booklist


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