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For this last part of the case “Through the Looking Glass“, we must find the address of the mirror-maker. Go to the Oakmont Police Department to consult its archives. Use the “Search Warrant” as Evidence, and select “Complaints” for the Crime. Then choose “Suspects” as the Subject, and finally “Salvation Harbor” as the District (picture1). You get the “Mirror-Maker’s House” document (picture2) which tells you that Gaunter Randall fled the city but that his address is at the intersection of Windhalf Avenue and Goldbridge Road, in the Oldgrove district.

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This is the area where this whole thing started, and where Herbert Glover’s manor was located. Go to the house (picture3), and be prepared to eliminate several wylebeasts as soon as you enter the front door. Once all the creatures have been eliminated, start by examining the pile of letters on the coffee table (picture4). In the kitchen you can also find the “Eligible Bachelor” newspaper (picture5).


Before you deal with the ground floor illusion, go up to the second floor. In the room at the back left, examine the documents on the board and those above the desk (pictures6-7).


Then go into the bedroom, and examine the “Occult Tome” near the lamp (picture8). Also take a look at the books on the ground near the fireplace (picture9).


Now go down to the ground floor and use your Mind’s Eye to dispel an illusion that indicates a room near the pile of letters (pictures10-11). Interact with the small coffin and mirror (picture12).


Use your Mind’s Eye again to distinguish shadows that indicate the direction of the basement (picture13). Once you reach the second level of the basement, you enter a room where there is a new illusory wall. Use your Mind’s Eye to make it disappear (picture14), and find a secret room (picture15).

Inside the latter you will find a picture of Hammond Throgmorton (pictures16-17), and just next to it his little coffin (picture18).

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Then approach the coveted mirror that is supposed to hold Hammond’s soul prisoner (picture19). As you approach, you experience a significant loss of mental health. Use your Mind’s Eye (picture20) to witness a disturbing scene that confirms that Hammond is in the mirror (picture21).

Now go up to the ground floor to find a retrocognition area (picture22). The first scene is in the basement where you see Bethany laying her son’s coffin (picture23). Then go up to the second floor of the house and select Bethany’s occult research as the second scene (picture24).

Finally, the last scene is in the room where the small coffin and the mirror are located (picture25). With the three scenes in the right order, Reed understands that he must destroy the small mirror to remove the last protection installed by Bethany. A melee attack does not work, so use a firearm to break the small mirror (picture26).

Now that the case is coming to an end, know that you will have to make a choice between two options, and each one unlocks an Achievement/Trophy. If you want to unlock both in the same run, we advise you to save your progress now so that you can make a choice, load your game, and then make the other choice. Once you have saved your game, go down to the basement to meet Bethany. If you try to talk to her (picture27), you will see that you have two choices: you can take the mirror or allow Bethany to keep it (picture28). If you decide to take the mirror, Bethany becomes hostile and starts shooting at you. You have no choice but to eliminate her (picture29).

Then, retrieve the mirror from the wall (picture30), and return to Robert Throgmorton (picture31). You learn that he knew about the mirror, and his brother Hammond from the beginning. By giving him the intact mirror you complete the quest and receive the “Family Reunion” Achievement / Trophy for having respected your deal with Robert (picture32).

If you decide to leave the mirror to Bethany, she thanks you. You then see Hammond come out of the mirror to reach his coffin (picture33). The mirror is broken, and you can retrieve it (picture34).

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Go back to Robert and tell him that the mirror is broken (picture35). The latter is not happy but you get the same reward. You also unlock the “Both Worlds” Achievement / Trophy (picture36) for pleasing a grieving mother. In both cases, this side case of The Sinking City Guide ends.


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