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Raphtalia, Filo, and Naofumi head to the east where things take an interesting turn in this week’s episode. Close call for Naofumi as a raging, unknown power tries to take over while trying to save a village. This episode was a bit intense but thrilling as always. Japanese Original Title:  呪いの盾


Naofumi and the gang venture to the east and come across a plagued village. All the villagers are gravely ill due to sword hero Ren slaying a dragon and not cleaning up his mess. Poison seems to come out from the dragon’s corpse that brings a fatal death. Naofumi and the others take on the task of disposing the corpse only to find that it’s not completely dead… It is a zombie dragon! Woohoo! This encounter causes a unknown dark power to rise up out of Naofumi that puts him in danger.

Episode Highlights

Heroes Don’t Clean Up Their Messes: It’s becoming a thing… The heroes are messing up. In last episode, the miracle seed Hero Motoyasu left to run a muck and now Hero Ren left a pool of dragon corpse for Naofumi and the others to clean up. The other heroes can’t seem to clean up after themselves and use the excuse: ‘oh they didn’t know anything like this would happen’. I feel that it was still their responsibility to make sure there wouldn’t be any aftermath. They should have done their research. Filo Dragon Chow: It was only for a moment but my heart skipped and I thought that Filo was dead. NOONE CAN CUT OUT THIS CUTIE YET, I was thinking, but still the moment left me gasping. This series does this all too often.Hate Rising Up: Naofumi has had his share of blows since arriving, never exposing the seeming anger that’s raging inside of him. It was only a matter of time something would tip him over the edge, which finally happened. The moment Naofumi thought Filo was dead, he lost it and caused a new dark power to reveal itself – a dangerous new shield ability. All that anger, anguish, frustration let the locked hatres pour out. I’ll admit I got scared there for a second, seeing all the hatred swell out but it was badass still. Obviously this new power will play an important role at some point. We only had a glimpse of what might come. Luckily, the beautiful Raphtalia was there to bring Naofumi back to his regular self. Share The Blame: Naofumi smiled for the FIRST TIME around Raphtalia and Filo and it was so cute. What also was cute was how after what happened they all blame themselves for how the zombie dragon was dealt with. Raphtalia wouldn’t have had a curse placed upon her if Filo hadn’t charged in there so desperately. It’s all nothing but ‘if’s’ when putting the blame on yourself, since what is done is done.

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It was just cute how they all felt responsible. It shows how kind-hearted and sincere this group is towards one another. Spend The Night: Naofumi’s obliviousness is going to be annoying till he realises what Raphtalia will come to mean to him later on. It was a cute moment, Raphtalia’s attempt to be alone with Naofumi. Ah bless her, keep trying girl.


The last three episodes in Shield Hero I feel have been building for something big that will come to pass, and have been beyond entertaining. Taking the time to concrete on Naofumi, Raphtalia, and Filo growing bond got us a feel for these adorable characters. I was in love with Naofumi and Raphtalia’s character from the world go but adding Filo into the mix made the group even better. The three of them together I’ve come to love even more as a group, and it is something to appreciate from the past three episodes. Time was taken out to bring out everyone’s personality more and bring them closer. This for me was such an important thing for continuing on and was executed brilliantly. My heart skipped a bit for Naofumi, from the pent-up anger that wanted to seep out of him to the moment of nearly losing control. Naofumi is the biggest reason I like this series. He’s become the heart and soul of it all and made me want to cry seeing him in that vulnerable state. The temptation was there to give into all the hatred on his own and it would have been a fast transition. You might think this makes him truly weak, also because Raphtalia brought him back from it. But you have to remember the hardships our hero has been dealing with and still he chose to do what he was summoned for. Facing everything with such composure even if inside him is a raging storm takes a lot of guts. Exposing all the sides we’ve seen of Naofumi so far, I couldn’t love him more as this series’ main protagonist. I would want no other. This was another adoring, kickass episode and I want to see that mysterious shield addition soon!

Oblivious Shield Hero

Naofumi may be becoming more badass on the field but completely oblivious when a girl hits on him. We saw another kick-ass episode and this series is on a home run currently. I hope it keeps it up. Next episode looks like will be focused on Melty which will be interesting. We all so want to see Miss Backstabber.!! Leave a comment on your thoughts for Episode 8! Check out our other Winter 2019 review coverage!! See you next for more Shield Hero !! Next Time: Melty (メルティ)


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