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An overwhelming majority of Americans who have died in recent months were unvaccinated, with the latest Covid-19 deaths concentrated in the South.The new and alarming surge of deaths this summer means that the coronavirus pandemic has become the deadliest in American history.

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United States ›United StatesAvg. on Oct. 114-day change
New cases 109,192 –27%
New deaths 1,883 –5%
World ›WorldAvg. on Oct. 114-day change
New cases 447,303 –16%
New deaths 7,706 –14%

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President Biden told Democrats that a vote on the popular measure must wait until his more ambitious social policy package is passed.

President Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the Capitol on Friday. Stefani Reynolds for The New York Times
Their persistence forced Speaker Nancy Pelosi to delay a planned vote on the infrastructure bill. In the end, President Biden sided with their position.

More migrants, mostly Haitian, are risking everything to negotiate the notorious Darién Gap in Colombia on their way to the U.S.

For years, leading experts have relied on a body of research in testifying that prone restraint by the police is safe. So why do people keep dying?

Researchers comparing information from death certificates with data from organizations that track police killings in the U.S. found a startling discrepancy.

A nationwide march for abortion rights on Saturday offers an early test of Democratic enthusiasm in the post-Trump era.

An estimated four million people across the country participated in the first Women’s March in 2017. Nina Westervelt for The New York Times
Under pressure for its handling of abuse accusations, the National Women’s Soccer League called off five games and said its commissioner had resigned.

The digital media start-up had come under scrutiny for its business practices after articles in The Times.

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When Legoland came to Goshen, N.Y., it divided first-time environmental activists and business boosters. Can neighbors piece together a way to move ahead?

Also in this edition: Daniel Craig says goodbye to James Bond, and the highs and lows of “cheer moms.”

President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines had been expected to seek the No. 2 office but said he would not do so, bowing “to the will of the people.”

An experiment to make the city a cycling capital of Europe has led to a million people now pedaling daily — and to rising tensions with pedestrians.

People riding their bikes on two main bicycles lanes in central Paris during the morning rush hour, in September. Dmitry Kostyukov for The New York Times
Ms. James, New York’s attorney general, has embarked on a campaign-like tour of the state and is discussing her plans with donors and leaders.

Dozens of nominations have been held up by a fight between the Texas senator and the Biden administration over a Russian gas pipeline project.

Wells Guthrie made fine wine, but financial challenges diverted his attention. Now he’s got a new label and a second chance, without distractions.

Enjoy the underdogs now, because money will restore Europe’s usual order soon enough, our chief soccer correspondent writes.

Margaret Qualley plays a woman cleaning houses, and not always getting by, in an adaptation of a best-selling memoir, our television critic writes.

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