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The Powerpuff Girls: Chemical X-Traction Cheats For Nintencarry out 64

Final Code Put this character combicountry on the password screen for a 100% finish game. It will unlock all characters, steras and also offer you a 100% completion rate via all the Powerpuff Girls: Bubbles - Fuzzy - Princess - Princess - Buttercup

Contributed by: Diamond Dragon

More health

Put this character combination on the password screen for even more health ACE, FUZZY, BLOSSOM, BLOSSOM, BUBBLES.

Contributed by: wellington

The Powerpuff Girls: Chemical X-Traction Cheats For PlayStation

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Put in the game ""Rising Zan: Samurai Gunman"" for PSX and allow it to start playing the ""Johnny No More"" movie at the start of the game. During this, open your Playterminal and also put the Powerpuff Girls game in without turning your mechanism off. In a minute your mechanism must begin playing every one of the movies in the game in no particular order and in both English and Spanish.

Contributed by: Yedokai

Unlock Characters and Stperiods Unlockable Unlockable Defeat Ace through one girl in Story Mode. Defeat Fuzzy Lumpkins through one girl in Story Setting. Defeat Fuzzy Lumpkins with 3 girls in Story Mode. Defeat Him in Story Mode. Defeat Mojo Jojo in Story Mode. Defeat Ace via 2 girls in Story Mode. Defeat Fuzzy Lumpkins with two girls in Story Mode. Defeat Ace with 3 girls in Story Mode.

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Ace (Character)
Fuzzy Lumpkins (Character)
Fuzzy"s Shack (Stage)
Him (Character)
Mojo Jojo (Character)
Powerpuff Girls" Bedroom (Stage)
Professor"s Lab (Stage)
Townsville Dump (Stage)

Contributed by: MoogleSummoner

Misc. Passwords Effect Effect Buttercup, Ace, Bubbles, Mojo, Fuzzy Buttercup, Mojo Jojo, Sedusa, Big Billy, Princess Ace, Princess, Blossom, Buttercup, Ace Bubbles, Ace, Mojo Jojo, Princess, Ace Bubbles, Fuzzy, Ace, Blossom, Ace Ace, Ace, Buttercup, Fuzzy, Big Billy Big Billy, Bubbles, Ace, Sedusa, Big Billy Ace, Big Billy, Fuzzy, Bubbles, Fuzzy Ace, Fuzzy, Blossom, Blossom, Bubbles Princess, Buttercup, Bubblrs, Ace, Ace Ace, Mojo Jojo, Blossom, Buttercup, Princess Big Billy, Ace, Buttercup, Ace, Blossom Sedusa, Bubbles, Ace, Bubbles, Big Billy Ace, Blossom, Ace, Buttercup, Blossom Ace, Fuzzy, Big Billy, Mojo Jojo, Ace Princess, Blossom, Fuzzy, Bubbles, Princess Fuzzy, Ace, Blosom, Princess, Sedusa Sedusa, Buttercup, Mojo Jojo, Ace, Princess Blossom, Mojo Jojo, Princess, Sedisa, Ace
All personalities and levels
Chemical Extra for Player 1
Chemical Extra for Player 2
disable the game timer
Extra Health for Player 1
Extra Health for Player 2
Invincible Player 1
invincible player 2
Receive Extra Health
super damage player 1
super damage player 2
Endless X for Player 1
Endless X for Player 2
Unlock Blossom"s Ice Breath
Unlock Buttercup"s Tornaexecute Spin
Unlock the girls" bedroom
Unlock the Jail
Unlock the Professor"s Lab
Unlocks Bubbles" Super Scream

Contributed by: CDBavg400, Arguro, kyosuke39