Thomasville is identified with plantations, majestic oaks, beautiful roses and also The Plaza Restaurant & Oyster Bar. In fact, we are proud to it is in Georgia"s oldest Restaurant and also 2016 marks ours 100th anniversary. That"s right, The Plaza Restaurant is the earliest continuously operating restaurant in the state the Georgia. The Plaza has actually grown and also thrived end the critical century by supplying quality food, impressive customer service, all at reasonable prices. Thanks to generations of customers we are celebrating our centennial and looking forward to our following 100 years!

We offer nightly specials that function the freshest seafood consisting of oysters, hand-cut aged beef, regional farm new vegetables and also more. We additionally features chef Andrew"s famous homemade pies the he makes using the same recipes for over 50 years. Ours crème brúlée, brand-new York layout cheesecakes and, Greek baklava are also a have to try!



Love come eat right here on Sundays after ~ the beforehand service. Good food and wait staff. Basic in and out in ~ 11AM.

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The finest luncheon food selection yet. Moist baked chicken, fragrant rice and a Greek layout Ratatouille through a irradiate salad through a home-made vinaigrette.

Came throughout karaoke and staff was amazing! Server gave an excellent recommendations ~ above drinks and also even helped find a ride for a girlfriend who had drunk also much. If girlfriend are searching for a place that has actually karaoke and great drinks, The Plaza is an amazing option!

Excellent having lunch buffet with classic Greek specials and also southern nation food. Private rooms for parties of any kind of size to dine in.

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My sister-in-law and also I invested a day in Thomasville. We had a an excellent time capped off with an afternoon snack and a pair of Cosmos sitting external at the Plaza. The food and drinks were perfect. And also the whole staff couldn’t have been nicer or friendlier! thank you Plaza Restaurant. We look forward to our following visit!

Happened ~ above this historic jewel on the means to Savannah. It was obviously a local’s hangout and I have the right to tell why... Eat from the lunch buffet is prefer eating from her grandmother"s tables. Homemade fried chicken, greens, actual baked macaroni and also cheese and butter peas among a most other selections. We even bought 2 of the crested water glasses as souvenirs. I extremely recommend a avoid at this standard southern restaurant. If you favor homemade southerly fare, friend won"t it is in disappointed.

Hours the OperationMonday-Friday: 11AM-2:30PM LunchMonday-Saturday: 2.30PM - 9PM - DinnerClosed Sunday