The Picture Effects Button Is Located On The ____, As Shown In The Accompanying Figure.

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 41. Which of the following terms means that the people who are conversing on a computer are online at the same time?a. automaticb. real-worldc. real timed. mainline42. For which of the following to work must both parties be online at the same time, and the receiver of a message be willing to accept messages?a. emailb. FTPc. instant messagingd. all of.

 131. The difference between a wiki and a site like the one in the accompanying figure is that users cannot modify original posts on an wiki.a. Trueb. False132. An entertainment website contains content that describes a cause, opinion, or idea.a. Trueb. False133. To thwart attempts to steal your personal data, install a personal threat reporter, which is.

 121. A large amount of e-waste ends up polluting developing countries, who accept the materials for profit.a. Trueb. False122. Unlike answering machines, a computer in a voice mail system converts an analog voice message into digital form.a. Trueb. False123. Most computers and electronic devices are analog, which use continuous signals.a. Trueb. False124. Human speech is digital.a. Trueb. False125. One common method of thwarting.

 11. Which of the following is a business that provides individuals and companies access to the Internet for free or for a fee?a. service providerb. access providerc. host providerd. email provider12. What separates the components of a domain name?a. spacesb. apostrophesc. commasd. periods13. Which of the following consists of a worldwide collection of electronic documents?a. blogworldb. webc. Internetd. both b and c14. What is the term.

 91. If you are looking to use a Bluetooth device and do not want to extend its range with additional equipment, which of the following is the approximate distance you can expect between your device and the device with which it is transmitting data?a. 3 feetb. 13 feetc. 33 feetd. 44 feet92. Your Bluetooth headset is.

 51. Looking for the customer whose number is PLI22 is an example of searching.a.Trueb.False52. You can search for a record in Form view but not in Datasheet view.a.Trueb.False53. To open a form in Form view from the Navigation Pane, press and hold or right-click the form and tap or click Form View on.

 121. A disadvantage with a subject directory is that users sometimes have difficulty deciding which categories to choose as they work through the menus of links presented.a. Trueb. False122. One technique to improve Web searches is to use general nouns and put the less specific terms first in the search text.a. Trueb. False123. The search engine operator.

 81. Your new home has a vacuum system. What kind of computer is controlling it?a. virtual computerb. embedded computerc. appliance computerd. integrated computer82. When an instrument in the dashboard of your car informs you the air pressure in the right rear tire is low, what type of computer determines the air pressure is low?a. embedded computerb. serverc. online linked.

 31. Which of the following is a small version of a larger graphic on a webpage?a. keyframeb. thumbnailc. appletd. extraction32. Which of the following includes music, speech, or any other sound?a. audiob. vodcastingc. videod. digeo33. Which of the following is special software that a user needs in order to listen to an audio file on a computer?a. media readerb. broadcasterc. media playerd. audio browser34. Which of.

 61. Which of the following gestures would you use if you want to display a bar that contains commands on an edge of the screen of your new tablet? and hold62. If a tablet has no keyboard, how do you type on it?a.You activate a wired keyboard.b.You use an on-screen keyboard.c.You use.

 COGNITIVE ASSESSMENT51. Which of the following is true about a computer?a.Its electronic components process data using instructions.b.It creates data from information that it gathers using software that directs the processing in the computer.c.It converts data to information or converts information to data, depending on the status of the information processing cycle.d.It.

COGNITIVE ASSESSMENT51. Which of the following true about a computer?a.Its electronicComputer Science

 61. The major carriers of Internet network traffic are known collectively by what term?a. Internet transmission linkb. Internet system gridc. Internet backboned. Internet complex62. To what does the term, traffic, refer to when used in conjunction with the Internet?a. the number of computers on the Internetb. the communications activity on the Internetc. all the wired, wireless, and satellite connections.

 141. The JPEG format works best for images that have only a few colors.a. Trueb. False142. JPEG is a format that expands graphics to increase their file size, which means the file takes up less storage space.a. Trueb. False143. Some audio files require you to download a media player.a. Trueb. False144. All mobile browsers support the use of plug-ins.a. Trueb. False145. When using.

 101. The goal of ARPA was to build a network that allowed scientists at different physical locations to share information and work together on military and scientific projects.a. Trueb. False102. The goal of Internet2 is to develop and test advanced network technologies that will benefit Internet users in the future.a. Trueb. False103. Many public locations, such as.

 81. Which of the following is NOT a suggestion for easing eyestrain while using a mobile device?a.Position the display about 90 degrees below eye level.b.Clean the screen regularly.c.Blink your eyes every five seconds.d.Take an eye break every 30 minutes.82. If a manufacturer is looking for memory that is very durable and shock.

 111. A game console is small enough to fit in one hand, making it more portable than the handheld game device.a.Trueb.False112. Storage devices like the hard disk shown in the accompanying figure often function as a source of input because they transfer items from storage to memory.a.Trueb.False113. USB flash drives and memory cards.

 31. Which of the following is NOT an example of malware?a.adwareb.vaporwarec.rootkitsd.zombies32. Which of the following is the term for known specific patterns of viruses?a.virtual virusesb.virus tracesc.virus signaturesd.virus items33. Which of the following is NOT a strategy that supports green computing?a.using energy efficient hardwareb.regulating manufacturing processesc.recyclingd.creating web apps instead of desktop apps34. What involves reducing.

31. Which of the following NOT an example of malware?a.adwareb.vaporwarec.rootkitsd.zombies32. Which ofComputer Science

 71. A website’s home page is most analogous to which of the following?a. highway billboardb. cover of a bookc. pop-up windowd. credits of a movie72. You have just done some online banking. Which of the following could contain your account number?a. historyb. glossaryc. cached. index73. Which of the following allows users to have multiple home pages that automatically open when the.

 151. The major carriers of network traffic on the Internet are known collectively as the ____________________.152. A(n) ____________________ address is a number that uniquely identifies the location of each computer or device connected to the Internet.153. A(n) ____________________ name is the text-based name that corresponds to the IP address of a server that.

 111. Like an IP address, the components of a domain name are separated by commas.a. Trueb. False112. Every domain name contains a master domain, which identifies the type of organization associated with the domain.a. Trueb. False113. A TCP server is an Internet server that usually is associated with an Internet access provider.a. Trueb. False114. When you enter a domain name,.

 71. If you are looking for a keyboard to project from a device to a flat surface, which of the following would you use?a.virtual keyboardb.wireless keyboardd.integrated keyboard72. On which of the following pointing devices can you control the pointer by sliding your fingertip? pad73. Which of the following mouse operations would.

 121. One effective strategy for creating strong passwords includes changing common words to symbols.a.Trueb.False122. With contemporary antivirus protection it is now possible to ensure a virus or malware never will attack your computer.a.Trueb.False123. You should delete or quarantine flagged attachments immediately.a.Trueb.False124. Never start a computer with removable media inserted in the computer unless you.

1. The Internet has its roots in a network that became functional in 1969, linking scientific and academic researchers across the United States. What was the name of that network?a. ARPANETb. NSFnetc. LISTSERVd. MPEG2. Which of the following oversees research for the Internet?a. ARPANETb. NSFnetc. NASAd. World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)3. What is the name for a small device that connects.

 41. Which of the following is NOT a popular programming language?a.Javab.Visual C#c.C++d.Chrome42. Which of the following is a specification that enables web content to be distributed to subscribers?a.VoIPb.GPSc.RSSd.FTP43. Which kind of device is hardware capable of transferring items from computers and devices to transmission media and vice versa?a.transfer deviceb.communications devicec.integrated deviced.embedded device44. Which of.

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41. Which of the following NOT a popular programming language?a.Javab.Visual C#c.C++d.Chrome42. WhichComputer Science

 151. Because technology changes, you must keep up with the changes to remain digitally ____________________.152. A computer like the one in the accompanying figure weighs up to ____________________ pounds (depending on the configuration).153. A(n) ____________________ is a motion you make on a touch screen with the tip of one or more fingers or.

COGNITIVE ASSESSMENT 51. Which of the following networks had these two goals: a) allowing scientists to work together on scientific projects; and, b) functioning even if part of the network was destroyed by a nuclear attack?a. W3Cb. IBMNetc. ARPANETd. NSFnet52. A host in a network performs which of the following tasks?a. ensures satellite communications are functionalb. exclusively monitors wireless.

 21. Which of the following is a program that finds websites and webpages?a. microbrowserb. location utilityc. web finderd. search engine22. To find a webpage, the user of a search engine would simply enter a word or phrase in the resource’s text box. What is the term for that phrase?a. search textb. iconc. hitd. key23. A search engine displays a list of.

  Critical Thinking QuestionsCase 1-1You have purchased your first tablet and the use of gestures for interacting with the touch screen is taking a little bit of getting used to. You take a quick online tutorial to familiarize yourself with the gestures.171. You want to display a shortcut menu in order to.

 Critical Thinking QuestionsCase 3-1You have had your desktop for several years and you have decided that it is time for you to purchase a new one. Before heading online to make your purchase, you re-familiarize yourself with a buyer’s guide that you found in your Discovering Computers textbook.171. Which of the.

 161. A(n) ____________________ is a type of software for computers and mobile devices that reads a user’s specified web feeds and collects their most recent content.162. When you enter a web address in a browser, you request, or ____________________, information from a web server.163. ____________________ is a navigation system that consists of one.

 91. Why do many webpages use graphical designs and images?a. to speed up webpage downloadsb. to convey messagesc. to save money when creating webpagesd. to verify the authenticity of the webpage92. Which of the following is a small version of a larger graphic?a. SmallGraphb. Compressed Bit Form (CBF)c. thumbnaild. podgraph93. Which of the following is NOT a graphics format used on.

 151. Many desktops have a(n) ____________________ tower that is a separate device from a monitor.152. Some desktops, called ____________________ desktops, do not have a tower and instead house the screen and system unit in the same case.153. The use of software to divide a physical server logically into many virtual servers is known.

 131. E-book readers are usually larger than tablets.a. Trueb. False132. Many game console models include internal disk drives or memory to store games and other media.a. Trueb. False133. Some handheld game device models are Internet capable for downloading games and apps.a. Trueb. False134. A joystick is a handheld vertical lever, mounted on a base, that you move in different directions.

131. E-book readers usually larger than tablets.a. Trueb. False132. Many game console models includeComputer Science

 11. In which gesture do you move two fingers together?a.stretchb.pinchc.swiped.slide12. Which gesture displays a shortcut menu? and hold13. Which kind of desktop uses the same case to house the screen and processing circuitry?a.all-in-oneb.towerc.slated.convertible14. What is a type of personal computer designed so all of its components fit entirely on or under a desk or.

11. In which gesture do you move two fingers together?a.stretchb.pinchc.swiped.slide12. Which gestureComputer Science

 61. You can use the asterisk (*) wildcard in a filter but not the question mark (?) wildcard.a.Trueb.False62. You can convert a Number field to a Currency field but you cannot convert a Currency field to a Number field.a.Trueb.False63. A lookup field allows the user to select from a list of values when.

 21. In which of the following mouse operations do you press and release the secondary mouse button?a.pointb.right-clickc.dragd.double-click22. In which of the following mouse operations do you quickly press and release the left mouse button twice without moving the mouse?a.double-pressb.clickc.double-clickd.drag23. In which of the following mouse operations do you point to an item, hold.

 71. A multilookup field is a field that contains more than one value. ____________________72. A default value is a value that Access will display on the screen in a particular field before the user begins adding a record. ____________________73. To display the Total row in a datasheet, tap or click the Sum button.

 131. Wi-Fi uses short-range radio signals to enable specially enabled computers and devices to communicate with each other.a.Trueb.False132. Cellular radio uses the cellular network to enable high-speed Internet connections to devices with built-in compatible technology, such as smartphones.a.Trueb.False133. A hot spot is a wireless network that provides Internet connections to mobile computers and.

1. Which of the following entails having the knowledge and understanding of computers, mobile devices, the Internet, and related technologies? intelligence2. Which of the following terms is an alternate term for the kind of computer shown in the accompanying figure?a.thinbookb.quickbookc.notebook computerd.slimbook3. Which of the following style of tablet does not.

101. Most examples of the kind of computer shown in the accompanying figure can operate solely on batteries.a.Trueb.False102. Batteries in the kind of computer shown in the accompanying figure typically last longer than those in tablets.a.Trueb.False103. On a typical notebook computer, the monitor is on top of the system unit, and the keyboard.

 161. A(n) ____________________ joins a cable to a port.162. USB, as in USB port, is short for ____________________.163. A(n) ____________________ is an external device that attaches to a mobile computer or device, which contains a power connection and provides connections to peripheral devices.164. If you have a computer that is not Bluetooth enabled, you.

 91. With which of the following can users transfer items to and from other computer on the Internet?a.IMb.VoIPc.HTMLd.FTP92. Which of the following enables users to speak to other users over the Internet?a.FTPb.IMc.VoIPd.HTTPS93. With which of the following can you have a real-time typed conversation with another connected user?a.FTPb.IMc.VoIPd.HTTPS94. A leading maker of security software.

a. peripheralsb. integrated systemsc. portsd. embedded computers2. Which of the following is an example of an operating system?a. C++b. C#c. Windowsd. Visual Basic3. Which of the following companies does not manufacture computers that use the Windows operating system?a. Dellb. HPc. Lenovod. Apple4. Which of the following is the term for unsolicited mail messages?a. e-junkb. spamc. malwared. mail output5. Which of the following refers to the case that contains and protects.

a. peripheralsb. integrated systemsc. portsd. embedded computers2. Which of the following an example of anComputer Science

 161. A(n) ____________________ is a named collection of stored data, instructions, or information and can contain text, images, video, and audio.162. A(n) ____________________ is a duplicate of content on a storage medium that you can use in case the original is lost, damaged, or destroyed.163. A(n) ____________________ is software that finds websites, webpages,.

 171. Discuss what a broadband connection is, how it differs from a dial-up connection, and review the types of broadband connections.172. Explain in detail what the web is, and include the terms website, web server, and webpage in your explanation.  .

 111. A mobile console is a device that combines features of a smartphone with a tablet, like the one shown in the accompanying figure.a. Trueb. False112. Many handheld computers communicate wirelessly with other devices or computers.a. Trueb. False113. One advantage of dedicated servers is that they usually do not demand as much memory or storage as other.

 141. Mobile users are susceptible to hardware theft because the size and weight of their computers and devices make them easy to steal.a. Trueb. False142. A brownout is a complete power failure.a. Trueb. False143. A UPS connects your computer and a power source.a. Trueb. False144. CTS is inflammation of a tendon due to repeated motion or stress on that tendon.a. Trueb. False145. Tendonitis.

 101. Malware authors rarely focus on social media because it is so difficult to get personal information via that channel.a. Trueb. False102. Peripheral devices usually occupy space inside a system unit.a. Trueb. False103. The trend is toward larger desktop tower form factors.a. Trueb. False104. Some users configure a desktop to function as a server on a network.a. Trueb. False105. You should always try.

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 81. When a search of the web is conducted based on a search query, which of the following items might be located?a. publications, maps, audiob. videos, images, files on your computer’s hard diskc. business phone numbers, size of RAM on your computer, news articlesd. blogs, HTTP, MSL82. Which of the following search texts will display pizza.


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