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Updated on May 13th, 2021

This page discusses Windows error “The operation fairesulted in complete bereason the Disk Management consingle see is not up-to-date”, spanning symptoms, causes and also services. You might get this error while assigning drive letter, formatting volume, and so on in Disk Management. Do not be stressed by this difficulty, attempt options here to remove it.

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Disk Management console watch is not up-to-date

This error does not occur to just one operation that perdeveloped in Disk Management and it seems that the error happens following no rules. Operations favor create brand-new partition, include new drive letter, shrink partition, access USB flash drive, etc. might encounter this difficulty. For example, in Disk Management, you delete a volume properly making use of “Delete Volume” function. Then you attempt to reproduce a brand-new one choosing “New Simple Volume”. Disk Management gives no responding and ultimately reports error message as follows:


Here is a real instance uncovered from forum:

The error ‘The procedure fairesulted in complete because the Disk Management consingle check out is not up-to-date. Refresh the watch by utilizing the refresh task. If the problem persists cshed the Disk Management consingle, then restart Disk Management or rebegin the computer system.’shows up when I usage Disk Management to add a drive letter to USB sticks in Windows 7.

I don’t know why it is happening. When I add a drive to my COMPUTER, it doesn’t automatically asauthorize drive letter. So I try to add drive letter by myself. However, as soon as I connected the drive to SATA, I have the right to watch it in Windows Disk Management. Right click the partition and also pick ‘Change Drive Letter and also Paths’, I can’t include or readjust drive letter. It’s weird that tright here is no such worry on my USB disks. Can anyone below tell me why this error is happening and also just how to solve it?”

Methods to resolve “Disk Management consingle watch is not up-to-date” error

Solution 1: Re-install the volume

Open Device Manager. Press Victory + R tricks to open up Run box where you should enter devmgmt.msc and also hit Get in.Click View food selection and also pick “Sjust how Hidden Devices”. Then you have the right to find Storage Volumes in the complying with directory tree.Under Storage quantities, you have the right to watch a volume called Unwell-known device. Right click it and pick “Uninstall”. If you are triggered to give confirmation, click OK.You might ask to restart computer, go ahead and open tool manager aobtain. Click Action from menu and select “Sdeserve to for Hardware Changes”

Solution 2: Asauthorize drive letter making use of Diskcomponent.exe command

Run command prompt. Click Start switch and enter cmd into search box, and also then right-click cmd from the result list to choose “Run as administrator”.Enter diskpart and push Get in, and also proceed entering list volume and also hitting Enter. View and remember the number alongside the drive you desire to assign drive letter.Type select volume 4 and also press Enter to tell diskcomponent which drive you want to make changes. The drive number is 4 in this instance and also you should replace it with the actual volume number on your computer. Then you have the right to view a message in command prompt: Volume 4 is the schosen volume.Input asauthorize letter=G and also press Enter. G is the drive letter and also you have the right to substitute G with other letter you desire to usage.

Solution 3: Asauthorize drive letter through totally free partition manager

PartitionGuru Free is a complimentary partition manager that can assist users finish standard & progressed partition operations as well as data recoexceptionally tasks, for circumstances, format partition, asauthorize / change drive letter, resize partition, convert partition table style, watch S.M.A.R.T. information, recoup deleted files, gain back lost partitions, and so on. Downfill and also install DiskGenius (old name PartitionGuru) Free Edition and you can follow this overview to include, rerelocate, asauthorize or readjust drive letter and also path.

Step 1: Launch DiskGenius (PartitionGuru) and you deserve to watch all volumes on your computer.

Tip 2: Find and right-click the partition you should include drive letter and select “Asauthorize New Drive Letter”. If you desire to delete current drive letter, then pick “Rerelocate Drive Letter”.


Tip 3: Select a letter for the partition and also click OK button.


Systems 4: Retrieve data from corrupted partition and format partition

Many often, the factor behind the worry is that the partition is corrupted or inavailable. System cannot asauthorize drive letter, readjust partition dimension for damaged partition, nor format a partition that consists of negative sectors. If you cannot open the volume in Windows Explorer or Disk Management, you have to retrieve datan initial and also try formatting it to solve partition error. PartitionGuru gives information recoincredibly attributes which can percreate partition recoextremely and also file recovery. Let’s start respanning.

Tip 1: Launch DiskGenius (PartitionGuru) and view records in the ineasily accessible partition. Sometimes, it is able to display documents in corrupted or RAW partition straight without scanning volume.


If the partition gives error message”The file or catalog is corrupted and also unreadable“, you can usage “Load Current Partition Intelligently” attribute to list records straight. This function deserve to be found in “Tools” food selection.


Tip 2: If you cannot watch papers in the partition, then click “Data Recovery”switch to perdevelop a quick scanning.


Step 3: Pevaluation documents to examine file high quality. File ptestimonial is available to aid you judge whether papers are recoverable through high top quality.


Step 4: Get documents recovered. Select records you desire and right-click them to pick “Copy to”. Then you have the right to collection a place to save respanned files.

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So a lot about remedies to “The operation fairesulted in complete because the Disk Management consingle check out is not up-to-date” error, and also hope you can resolve it on your own currently. If you need any aid around making use of DiskGenius, please feel free to email us.