The new Adventures the Winnie the Pooh is one animated series inspired through A. A. Milne"s Winnie-the-Pooh stories. In enhancement to the old personalities (Winnie, Eeyore, Tigger, Kanga, Roo, Rabbit, Owl, Piglet, Christopher Robin and Gopher), the TV collection introduces a brand-new friends consisting of Chris"s mother, Owl"s cousin Dexter, Kessie, small Heffalump, Skippy, Stan Woozle and Heff Heffalump.

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The new Adventures the Winnie the Pooh Season 1 (1988-1989)
1x01 Pooh Oughta it is in In PicturesAfter Christopher Robin, Pooh, Piglet, and Piglet walk to the movies, Piglet it s okay scared at the movie the is gift shown and they need to leave since of the mess he made. When they ... Sep. 10, 1988
1x02 Friend indeed / Donkey because that a DayTired that Pooh continuous borrowing honey from him, Rabbit provides him think the he is relocating away, because he is being eaten out that house and honey. ~ hearing this, Pooh goes the end to ... Sep. 17, 1988
1x03 There's No Camp Like residence / BalloonaticsWhen Piglet reluctantly goes camping with Pooh and Tigger, the trio has actually a run in v a family members of hefalumps and also then they acquire into a feud over using the hefalumps home as firewood. ... Sep. 24, 1988
1x04 find Her, keep HerWhen Rabbit, Pooh, and also Tigger uncover a infant bird, rabbit starts to care for the bird and eventually involves love Kessie as a child. However, once she desires to learn how to fly, hare ... Oct. 01, 1988
1x05 The Piglet that Would be King Oct. 08, 1988
1x06 Cleanliness Is next to Impossible Oct. 15, 1988
1x07 The an excellent Hunny Pot Robbery Oct. 22, 1988
1x08 Stripes Oct. 29, 1988
1x09 Monkey See, Monkey carry out Better Oct. 29, 1988
1x10 avestor BluesWhen Christopher Robin is being taken treatment of through a babysitter, he and also his friend wreak destruction on her. However, Christopher Robin doesn"t realize what a handful he to be for his avestor ... Nov. 05, 1988
1x11 just how Much Is that Rabbit In The Window?When rabbit feels not wanted and also thinks the everyone forgot around his birthday, he decides to operation away. If on his journey, the is required to a toy store where he meets three toys that ... Nov. 12, 1988
1x12 Nothing however the Tooth Nov. 19, 1988
1x15 Gone with The WindPooh wakes at 16 o"clock... Piglet visits him and he"s simply in time because that a smackerel. Pooh finds a tooth amongst his marbles. Piglet and also Pooh go to Rabbit. It"s not an eye this ... Nov. 19, 1988
1x16 Paw and OrderThe gang have actually organized a pat of the Wild, Wild west... The Legund that Sheruf Piglit... Act one, our story begins. Listen to the story that we"re gonna tell... Sheriff Piglet, that"s ... Dec. 03, 1988
1x17 Trap as Trap CanRabbit is happily feather cleaning his house. He has a bunny publication end, and although the adores it, the hasn"t obtained a mate for it and also reluctantly takes it come the reminder with the various other junk. ... Dec. 10, 1988
1x18 Hunny because that A BunnyOh therefore allergic father Heffalump is to teach his kid to trap furry woodland creatures, yet the inept boy can"t quite obtain the hang of it and runs far crying. Pooh and also Piglet hear and also ... Dec. 10, 1988
1x19 The masked OffenderThe carriage races throughout the land... And also lo, it"s organized up through El Tomato!... However behold they"re rescued by the masking Avenger!... Tigger wants to be just like him and wants Christopher ... Dec. 17, 1988
1x20 things That walk Piglet In The NightThe gang space playing on a swing, having fun, even if Piglet is a little scared... Castle play every day, and also into the sunset, and also decided to walk to sleep. Eeyore is upset that he didn"t ... Dec. 17, 1988
1x21 luck AmokRabbit is admiring himself in a mirror as soon as Tigger bounces in top top him and also breaks the mirror. Hare tells Tigger the he"ll have seven years negative luck. At first Tigger is horrified, yet ... Dec. 24, 1988
1x22 Magic EarmuffsChristopher Robin, you recognize you can"t ice scating without her earmuffs..."" his Mum calls. The rushes the end to play. Piglet is make a snowman, together the rather whiz through on a snowboard and also pick ... Dec. 24, 1988
1x23 The Wishing BearWinnie the Pooh and also Christopher Robin room stargazing and Pooh asks Chris around a wishing star, v the wishing spell. Flap like a bird Jump prefer a fish Sit down, wake up Wish, wish, ... Dec. 31, 1988
1x24 The Rats Who involved DinnerChristopher Robin speak Pooh that he"s concerned a bear/ Tiger looks through the pictures, and gets upset the he"s got no relatives. Eeyore tells him that he"s not related to a donkey. ... Jan. 07, 1989
1x25 King of The BeastiesThe Packrats are back again, replacing things they pinch with walnuts. Yet they get into a point out of bother when they puncture your own wall with a thimble and spring a leak. Lock ... Jan. 07, 1989
1x26 mine HeroPiglet rips v the wait whilst attached come a kite. Jan. 14, 1989
1x27 Owl FeathersThe corridor is recognize feathers, over 140... Piglet tries among his magic tricks, and also tries to traction a Rabbit the end of his hat and pulls a Gopher instead. Owl is over operation by a i m crying waterfowl. ... Jan. 14, 1989
1x28 A Very, Very big AnimalThe setup is in ~ a picnic, and also Christopher Robin is reflecting Piglet one ant under a magnifying glass. The ants are making off v the food. A crow takes Piglet when he make the efforts to conserve ... Jan. 21, 1989
1x29 Fish the end Of WaterEeyore sit atop his hill, wishing to be a cloud, whilst a big school of trout rush by. They fear Piglet too, and crash v Rabbit"s drain and through Gopher"s tinners, through dingy! ... Jan. 21, 1989
1x30 lamp OutTigger start the job doing what that does best and also what he have to - bounce! hare is planting cabbages and doesn"t want Tigger come bounce him. He offers Tigger the challenge of bouncing ... Jan. 28, 1989
1x31 Tigger's ShoesRabbit is mad. He bashes ~ above Pooh"s door, to get his shovel back. He demands it to plant his carrots at the punch of twelve for this reason they will grow up to end up being midnight snacks. He it s okay the ... Jan. 28, 1989
1x32 The "New" EeyoreThe setting is in ~ a party and all are having actually fun, bobbing because that apples, pinning the tail on the donkey. All having fun, except for one lonely grey Donkey. What"s the suggest of a pin the ... Feb. 04, 1989
1x33 Party Poohper Feb. 11, 1989
1x34 The Old SwitcheRooRabbit is going v his morning schedule and freaks out once he discovers he has to prepare for a party of all his 500 little relatives coming at 6.00! He makes an air chop schedule ...

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Feb. 11, 1989
1x35 Me and also My Shadow Feb. 18, 1989
1x36 To record a HiccupPiglet is depressed that he has no one come play with. Pooh is trying to conference hunny. Pooh is dressed together a sun, however he claims to Piglet that the bees will gain suspicious of 2 bees. ... Feb. 18, 1989
1x37 balloon Trouble Feb. 25, 1989
1x38 hare Marks The Spot Feb. 25, 1989
1x39 an excellent Bye Mr. Pooh Mar. 04, 1989
1x40 GroundPiglet Day Mar. 04, 1989
1x41 Alls Well the Ends Wishing Well Mar. 11, 1989
1x42 Tigger, personal Ear Feb. 04, 1989