Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) tells Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) that she’s leaving. Joon Jae reminds her that if he started liking her, they’d make a go of it. He tells her that has happened. He asks her to stay. A tear rolls down her face. He takes her hand to go home but winces in pain. He goes to the ground and falls unconscious. That timing was unrealistic, lovely conversation, then he passes out from pain? But it’s okay because we get this.

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Unconscious Joon Jae dreams he’s in a house of mirrors where he sees his past self, Dam Ryung. Now that’s cool! Sim Chung calls for help. Unconscious Joon Jae asks his past self who he is, Dam Ryung has the same question for Joon Jae. Dam Ryung tells him who he is. He tells Joon Jae that he’s the future version of him, he must remember this “Everything repeats itself. The fate in this world is continuing in that world. This includes bad fate. Protect that woman against the dangerous person.” Terrific! Dam Ryung warns Joon Jae. Now he needs to ascertain who the dangerous person is. We know it is Dae Young and Seo Hee. He knows about Dae Young but doesn’t know about Seo Hee. Joon Jae wakes, sits up and stands. He tells Sim Chung he’s okay. She hugs him relieved that the man she loves is functional.

Joon Jae scolds Sim Chung for planning on leaving. Sim Chung says that Yoo Jeong Hoon left and went far away. Joon Jae wonders if she was planning to go be with Yoo Jeong Hoon. Sim Chung snaps that Yoo Jeong Hoon isn’t “the guy that cooked her ramen”. Joon Jae asks who is. Sim Chung says she cannot tell him. Joon Jae uses a claw machine to illustrate the point that life doesn’t work out the first time and perseverance is required. She goes through a stack of coins trying to get the desired object (a pink stuff octopus). LOL, Joon Jae wants to go home but she’s determined. He tells her it’s okay to take a break and try again.

Jo Nam Doo and Tae O are relieved when Joon Jae and Sim Chung return home, then they are concerned about the bruises on Joon Jae’s face. Jo Nam Doo asks who attacked him. Joon Jae sees Dae Young on TV and identifies him as the man that attacked him. Sim Chung says she saw him wearing a police cap and a black cap. Joon Jae knows the police cap was from the day in the rain, but what about the black cap? Sim Chung says that Dae Young approached her when she was handing out flyers. Jo Nam Doo and Tae O are chilled thinking about Dae Young Stalking Sim Chung. Joon Jae is angry that she didn’t tell him about her encounter with Dae Young. Jo Nam Doo tells Joon Jae to back off, they only just learned who Dae Young was. Tae O gives Joon Jae the silent glare.

Joon Jae doesn’t understand why Dae Young is following Sim Chung. Jo Nam Doo doesn’t know. Then Joon Jae remembers Dae Young telling him that the fate of the past continues in the present. Joon Jae shares that he dreamed he was living in the past wearing the jade bracelet. Jo Nam Doo says he’s talking nonsense, he can’t be seeing a past life. Joon Jae admits he thinks he’s seeing a parallel universe. Jo Nam Doo chides him into believing he can’t be right. Jo Nam Doo says it’s a sign that their scam of Ahn Jin Joo will go well.

Ahn Jin Joo is on the phone with another mother from school. Both of them agree the little girl, Seo Yoon Ah, should not be allowed to join the swim team. No need to mix social tiers. Her husband comes in the room. They discuss how elusive Joon Jae’s father has been to their repeated requests for social interaction. They fret that they set up an illegal fund for Joon Jae’s father and now they can’t reap the spoils. They both agree they have a find an investment that will make them loads more money.

Dae Young shows up at Seo Hee’s house pretending to have registered mail for her. She meets him outside the front gate, shocked that he’d dare to contact her at her house. Dae Young says he’s desperate for money. She hands him an envelope of cash. Dae Young says that Joon Jae was eluded every attempt he’s made. Seo Hee is not happy because if her husband meets with Joon Jae then he can give his fortune to Joon Jae not herself or her son Chi Hyeon. The car with Chi Hyeon pulls up and Seo Hee shoos Dae Young away. Chi Hyeon is surprised the mail is being delivered so late. Is Chi Hyeon Dam Ryung’s faithful assistant from the past? Seo Hee guides Chi Hyeon to the house. Chi Hyeon admits he recently saw Joon Jae. Seo Hee is relieved when Chi Hyeon assures her he didn’t tell father. Chi Hyeon asks his mother if she knew where Joon Jae lives. She claims not to know. Chi Hyeon doesn’t understand her disinterest. Seo Hee counters that if her husband isn’t interested in Joon Jae then she isn’t either. Chi Hyeon wonders if father hides his interest in Joon Jae out of respect for their feelings. Seo Hee says that if Joon Jae returned then everything Chi Hyeon has could vanish. Chi Hyeon tells his mother he wants to protect her. And that’s the rub with many a dutiful son in kdramas. They want to protect their mothers, even when they know they walk a path of hatred and evil. Seo Hee counters that she wants to protect both of them. That’s why Joon Jae’s father is expendable or at least must never make the new will. I think she’s more than willing to have her husband killed to maintain her status.

Chi Hyeon is dialing the numbers from the assistant’s call log. When he calls Joon Jae, they both recognize each other’s voices. Joon Jae isn’t happy that Chi Hyeon has his number. Chi Hyeon tells him the assistant is hurt and in the hospital. Ah, the assistant is Dam Ryung’s faithful friend, right?

As Joon Jae gets ready to leave for the hospital he asks Jo Nam Doo and Tae O where Sim Chung is. They don’t know. He doesn’t like that. Sim Chung doesn’t answer her phone. But her GPS shows that she’s in the park. Joon Jae takes off not understanding why Sim Chung goes to the park so frequently.

Sim Chung hangs with her homeless buddy. She relays that Joon Jae says he likes her. The homeless buddy says now Sim Chung must make Joon Jae fall head over heels in love with her. Sim Chung is open to learning how she can make that happen. The homeless buddy says the three phases of love are romantic, hot, and dirty. What? Aren’t hot and dirty the same? She says Sim Chung should concentrate on romantic love by doing things with Joon Jae (tea, meals, movies, etc.) so they become closer through shared experiences. The homeless buddy asks if they have pet names for each other. Sim Chung suggests mermaid but her friend scoffs that fairy tales aren’t real. Joon Jae arrives not happy Sim Chung didn’t answer her phone. He avoids the homeless buddy’s outstretched hand. He asks Sim Chung why she’s hanging with a beggar. The homeless buddy reminds him her ears work fine. Nice! He leads Sim Chung away.

Joon Jae visits the assistant in the hospital. The wife begs her husband to wake. Joon Jae is sure that the assistant did not drink and drive. He asks about the black box. The wife says there was no data from that day. We see a flashback of Dae Young erasing the black box data.

Joon Jae’s father learns that he has a traumatic cataract. Joon Jae’s father doesn’t recall being poked in the eye. He thought it was a side effect of aging. The doctor prescribes medicine. He warns that a transplant could be required if things get worse. He admonishes Joon Jae’s father to care for his health not just his wealth.

Chi Hyeon sees Sim Chung waiting for Joon Jae outside the assistant’s room. She firmly tells him she’s not breaking up with Joon Jae. Chi Hyeon laughs remembering their last encounter. He asks if they plan to marry. She asks why he and Joon Jae don’t have a warm relationship. Father arrives surprising Chi Hyeon. Sim Chung asks if this man is also Joon Jae’s relative. Joon Jae exits the assistant’s room. He stares at his father. His father is stunned.

As they stare at each other over coffee they each have different flashbacks. Father remembers happy times with his son. Joon Jae remembers being excluded by Seo Hee and Chi Hyeon from his father one time he was sick. Gosh, Seo Hee is the evil step mother! Father asks how Joon Jae got his bruises. Joon Jae chuckles that his father’s concern is too late. Joon Jae says living apart is better than living together. Father snaps that his heart didn’t care for Chi Hyeon more than Joon Jae. That doesn’t matter, Joon Jae remembers his father giving up on finding his mother and remarrying without a second thought. Joon Jae advises his father to continue ignore him. Father says it’s time to settle the inheritance. Joon Jae isn’t interested in anything his father has to offer. Joon Jae is clear, he doesn’t want to get involved and he doesn’t want to see his father again. The hurt in his father’s eyes is obvious. Joon Jae wishes his father good health. He bows and leaves. His father calls to him but Joon Jae walks away. His father suffers pain in his eyes and blurry vision.

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Joon Jae walks past Chi Hyeon without a word. Sim Chung scampers after him.

When they get home Joon Jae tells Sim Chung she can leave if she wants to. Joon Jae recants his perseverance advice. He says he was happier before they met. Ouch!