Write a an answer by discussing the extent to which girlfriend agree or disagree through the statement and explain your thinking for the place you take. In developing and supporting her position, girlfriend should take into consideration ways in which the statement could or can not organize true and also explain just how these considerations form your position.In this case, the position is proclaimed in the positive. It tells what the quick pace of life does. However we likewise need to interogate the topic and create opinion that expresses the concern in the an unfavorable or i beg your pardon tells the statement in not totally true.

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In other words:

The increasingly rapid pace of life does no solve much more problems 보다 it causes.You could likewise determine what concern the statement answers.What space the outcomes of the increasingly rapid speed of life?


Creating a inquiry may aid you formulate different answers.

1.Now think about the components of the initial statement that carry out evidence that you deserve to refute or affirm.

Increasingly- This indicates that the speed of life is more rapid 보다 it used to be, and also that the rate is quiet increasing.Today- This may lead to the presumption that the speed of life did no increase before now, the it is a existing phenomenon.More- This is a compare word and is almost always adhered to by then. In this case, there are much more problems than solutions.

2.Opposing viewpoint:

The significantly rapid pace of life does no cause more problems than it solves. Or. The significantly rapid speed of life now solves an ext problems than it causes. Determine the components of the the contrary statement that carry out evidence to affirm or refute.In this case, they would be the exact same as in the original statement.


Is there any kind of other means to look at this statement? What would life now be favor if the pace were slower? Is this a brand-new phenomenon?

4.New viewpoint

The increasingly rapid pace of life now is amazing for those who adopt it but overwhelming for those who do not adapt.

Identify parts of the brand-new statement that can develop evidence for you come refute or affirm.

Exciting – This can likewise mean stimulating. The rapid pace the life might stimulate one’s creativity or feeling of adventure.Embrace – To take on something is to expropriate it willingly. Take on has a optimistic connotation.Overwhelm – Being overwhelmed means that one’s abilities or emotions space unable to manage an event.Adapt – Adaptation is important to the theory of evolution. Those that fail to adapt carry out not thrive.

5.PositionThe progressively rapid speed of life this day creates both obstacles and also opportunities.

Examples the obstacles:

Some people feel compelled to try to store up v everything. Castle stretch themselves as well thin.Cultures are losing their unique qualities thanks to fast travel and also communication.The quick pace do the efforts people’s ability to adapt.

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Examples that opportunities:

Medical research is closing in top top cures because that deadly and debilitating diseases.The civilization has come to be a worldwide village thanks to rapid travel and also communication.