The HTTP request is unauthorized with client authentication system 'Anonymous'

Oct 17, 2018 03:06 AM|Shakhil Srivastava|LINK
We have a set of VMs (windows server 2016) hosting 10 through an Asp.Net based website. The website connects to a 3rd party asmx based net service. Recently when connecting to the web service we have been receiving this error called

\"The HTTP request is unauthorized with customer authentication plan \"Anonymous\". The authentication header obtained from the server was \"Negotiate,NTLM\"\".

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The error is occurring very intermittently and sometimes it goes away automatically appearing the following day again. We tried switching off the auto recycling that the application pool, but that didn\"t help. What is more interesting is, we have actually other comparable VMs because that test settings with precisely the same configurations and also settings, even hosting the exact same code which never ever encounters this error. The website offers Windows Authentication while the company is using customer Credentials (Username and password) come authenticate. logs ~ above the website shows status 200. Transforming the config file may no be a systems as the exact same config file is functioning on other servers connecting to the very same service. Anyone got any kind of idea, please suggest.


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HiShakhil Srivastava,

According to your description, I imply you could try below solution.

1.In regedit, locate and then click the adhering to registry subkey:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\Lsa\\MSV1_02.Right-clickMSV1_0, point to New, and then clickMulti-String Value.3.In the name column, typeBackConnectionHostNames, and then press ENTER.4.Right-clickBackConnectionHostNames, and then click Modify. In the worth data box, form the CNAME or the DNS alias, that is used for the regional shares top top the computer, and then click OK.

Type each organize name on a different line.

More details, you can refer to listed below article:

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Hi Brando,

Many many thanks for her time come look in ~ this. Ns tried the equipment in over thread, however, it operated for a day, and also next day it dropped over again together it has been act for fairly some time now after every equipment we\"ve applied. In the action 4 above

\"4.Right-clickBackConnectionHostNames, and then click Modify. In the worth data box, type the CNAME or the DNS alias, that is offered for the neighborhood shares ~ above the computer, and then click OK.\" - should we go into the computer name or the FQDN? for now, I simply mentioned the server surname on i m sorry the website is hosted. Is there something rather we require to get in there?