Seaboy 3 Episode 27 - Snow Day

The Fresh Beats use a huge blender to make snow for their winter show. Air Date : 7th-Dec-2013

Season 3 Episode 1 - Graduation Day

The Fresh Beats graduate from music college. Air Date : 24th-Jun-2011Read More

Seachild 3 Episode 2 - Giant Pizza

The Fresh Beats assist their new friend, Harper, open up the Singin" Pizza Cafe. Air Date : 24th-Jun-2011Read More

Season 3 Episode 3 - Dance Floor Superhero

Harper provides pizzas of the Mighty Music Band also, comic book heroes, and decides to throw the Fresh Beats a high-flying dance party. He also gives them Mighty Music Band costumes! But then the Fresh Beats realize that their friends are frozen. It all turns out to be the work-related of the evil Deep Freeze (Nikki Blonsky) from their comic book. She mistakes the Fresh Beats for the Mighty Music Band also because of their costumes. The Fresh Beats really have to soptimal Freeze and also conserve their friends and also their dance party. Air Date : 18th-Nov-2011Read More

Seakid 3 Episode 4 - Cool Pool Party

Kiki, Marina, and Shout have to refill the pool after they accidentally splash all the water out. Air Date : 8th-Jul-2011Read More

Seaboy 3 Episode 5 - Scurrently Day

Twist accidentally offers everyone a scurrently day. Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970Read More

Seaboy 3 Episode 6 - Rock Star

The Fresh Beats are transported right into the civilization of the Rock Star board game. Air Date : 25th-Nov-2011Read More

Seakid 3 Episode 7 - The Fresh Bots

The Fresh Beats produce a collection of robots that look like themselves. Air Date : 9th-Dec-2011Read More

Seaboy 3 Episode 8 - Chimps in Charge

The Fresh Beats help their frifinish babysit a pair of monkeys. Air Date : 11th-Nov-2011Read More

Season 3 Episode 9 - Pink Swan

Kiki auditions to be the lead in a brand-new ballet. Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970Read More

Seaboy 3 Episode 10 - Hoop Dreams

The Fresh Beats construct a basketball court for the Junior Beats. Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970Read More

Seaboy 3 Episode 11 - Bollylumber Beats

An Indian market is in town and the Fresh Beats satisfy a Genie and his sidekicks. Air Date : 2nd-Dec-2011Read More

Seaboy 3 Episode 12 - Yo! Fresh Beats Go Gabba Gabba!

The Gabbas meet the Fresh Beats and also zap the team to different places. Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970Read More

Seachild 3 Episode 13 - Gorganize Band

The Fresh Beats have a musical showdvery own against a gorganize band also. Air Date : 24th-Oct-2011Read More

Seaboy 3 Episode 14 - Veloci-Rap-Star

When a manager recruits Twist to go on tour, he becomes a rap superstar. Air Date : 4th-Nov-2011Read More

Seakid 3 Episode 15 - Laughing Dance Master

Laughing Dance Master trains the Fresh Beats for a dance festival making use of odd techniques. Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970Read More

Season 3 Episode 16 - The Wizard of Track (Part 1)

Marina is swept up in a wind storm and also lands in Oz. Air Date : 27th-Jan-2012Read More

Seachild 3 Episode 17 - The Wizard of Track (Part 2)

Air Date : 27th-Jan-2012Read More

Seaboy 3 Episode 18 - Royal Wedding

The Fresh Beats are excited for a imperial wedding happening in town. Air Date : 10th-Feb-2012Read More

Season 3 Episode 19 - Keeping It Green

Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970Read More

Season 3 Episode 20 - Dance-A-Thon

Air Date : 1st-Jan-1970Read More

Seaboy 3 Episode 21 - Keepin" It Eco-friendly

The Fresh Beats have a concert to speak the Mayor from structure over the park. Air Date : 20th-Apr-2012Read More

Season 3 Episode 22 - Yo! Fresh Beats Go Gabba Gabba!

Plex accidentally transporting activities the Gabba gang and also the Fresh Beats to exotic locales eexceptionally time he hiccups. Air Date : 8th-Jun-2012Read More

Seachild 3 Episode 23 - Hoop Dreams

The Fresh Beats plan to rock the half-time display at the Junior Beats" basketball game. Air Date : 19th-Aug-2012Read More

Seaboy 3 Episode 24 - Dance-a-Thon

The Fresh Beats compete in an all-night dance contest. Air Date : 14th-Oct-2012Read More

Season 3 Episode 25 - Laughing Dance Master

The Fresh Beats audition for a dance festival but don"t make the cut. Air Date : 10th-Feb-2013Read More

Season 3 Episode 26 - Pink Swan

When a new ballet pertains to town, Kiki is cast in the lead function as the Pink Swan and also hregarding learn just how to execute 5 turns in a row. Air Date : 13th-Oct-2013Read More

Seaboy 3 Episode 27 - Snow Day

The Fresh Beats usage a huge blender to make snow for their winter show. Air Date : 7th-Dec-2013Read More

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