Hello there! This week our blog functions a so late 60s tune, The first Cut Is The Deepest. Us will discuss the very first recorded variation of the song by P.P. Arnold. Next, us will show the variation by the songwriter Cat Stevens, and finally us will review a covering by rod Stewart.

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P.P. Arnold and The first Cut Is The Deepest:

In 1965, Steven Georgiou to be 17 and was motivated by musicians favor the Beatles, the Kinks and also Paul Simon. He began to perform in London coffee houses and also pubs under the name “Steve Adams.” that longed to come to be a singer-songwriter, prefer his favorite artists.

So the signed a posting contract and also recorded demos of few of his songs. Among those songs to be The very first Cut Is The Deepest.

The an initial Cut Is The Deepest explains a sad and also dysfunctional situation. The singer is top top the rebound, having been dumped. The is make the efforts to begin a brand-new relationship, but can’t stop obsessing around his first love. The is not clear if that will be able to overcome his pain, since “the an initial cut is the deepest.”

I would have provided you every one of my heartBut there’s who who’s take it it apartAnd she’s taking practically all the I’ve gotBut if girlfriend want, I’ll shot to love againBaby I’ll try to love again however I know

The first cut is the deepest, baby i knowThe first cut is the deepest‘Cause as soon as it pertains to being happy she’s cursedWhen it concerns lovin’ me she’s worstBut when it involves being loved she’s first

At this point, Georgiou took the stage name Cat Stevens. Together we will watch in the next section, Stevens’ solo career would take turn off in 1967. However, in 1965 Mr. Stevens believed that his ideal chance because that success would be together a songwriter.

So Stevens offered the rights to The very first Cut Is The Deepest for ₤30 come P.P. Arnold, a young expatriate American singer in Britain.

Ms. Arnold to be born Patricia Cole in L.A. In October 1946. Her family were gospel singers, and she to be a member that the family troupe, very first performing a solo at the period of four. She married and also quickly had actually two children.

Then in 1964, a friend encouraged Ms. Cole to audition together a replacement because that The Ikettes, the backup singers and dancers for the Ike & Tina Turner Revue. She and her friend auditioned and won the job, for this reason the women attended a concert to celebrate.

When Ms. Cole returned home beforehand in the morning following the concert, her husband win her. Therefore she immediately separated from she husband, left her kids in the care of she parents, and joined Ike & Tina ~ above tour. At that time she took the stage name P.P. Arnold.

In 1966, Ms. Arnold quit the Ike & Tina Revue. That team had opened up for the roll Stones on tour, and Mick Jagger urged Arnold to consider a solo career. So as soon as Ike & Tina to be in London, P.P. Arnold left that band and went solo. Listed below is a publicity picture of a young P.P. Arnold.

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Having to buy the legal rights to The very first Cut Is The Deepest, Ms. Arnold released the an initial single the this song in spring 1967. It was the breakthrough hit because that Ms. Arnold in the U.K.

Here is P.P. Arnold in a live version of The very first Cut Is The Deepest. This was performed on the German rock music TV regimen Beat society in 1967.

I greatly took pleasure in seeing this video, together I was previously unaware of P.P. Arnold and her career. She version attributes harpsichord and also vibraphone, and made it come #18 top top the British pop charts. Ms. Arnold has a strong, clean voice but lacks the “diva” top quality of singers choose Aretha Franklin or Tina Turner.

After her first solo hits, Ms. Arnold exit several various other singles, with encouragement from artist such together Mick Jagger, Steve Marriott of tiny Faces (with who she was romantically involved), and Keith Emerson (who would later be the frontman because that Emerson, Lake and Palmer).

She also collaborated v Barry Gibb, who developed several songs because that her, including a couple written by Gibb himself. During the beforehand 70s, she appeared in a couple of musicals and sang back-up for a variety of British artists consisting of Graham Nash, Eric Burdon and Eric Clapton.

Arnold climate hooked up through Fuzzy Samuels, who was climate the bassist because that Crosby, Stills & Nash. They had actually a child and also moved earlier to L.A., however they break-up up in 1974. Just after that, Arnold’s daughter Debbie was killed in a automobile accident, and she climate withdrew from performing for numerous years.

Over the next couple of decades, P.P. Arnold ongoing to relax a few records, sing back-up for notable groups, and also appear native time come time in rock musicals. She has worked with numerous of the an excellent British invasion musicians and has had actually a fascinating career.

P.P. Arnold never ever quite made it to superstar status, but her talent to be obviously appreciated. She claims that moving from the U.S. Come Britain in the late 60s to be a an excellent career move for a young black color woman, and she is encouraged that she was taken an ext seriously there.

Cat Stevens and also The very first Cut Is The Deepest:

Cat Stevens is a brother singer-songwriter that has had a most exciting life and also career. He was born Steven Georgiou in 1948 in London, whereby his parents ran a restaurant, the Moulin Rouge, in the Soho area.

As we mentioned in the preceding section, the young Mr. Georgiou bought a guitar, teach himself exactly how to play, and began to write pop songs. He to be performing at period 17, and also signed a record contract in ~ 18 under his phase name Cat Stevens. He had actually his an initial single hit, Matthew and also Son, at age 19. Listed below is a photo of Cat Stevens in concert.

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As we have actually mentioned, P.P. Arnold very first had a hit through the Cat Stevens song in may 1967. So right here is the audio of Cat Stevens in The first Cut Is The Deepest.

This tune showed up on Stevens’ album New Masters that was exit in Dec. 1967. The album failure to graph in Britain; however, by now Stevens’ solo career had actually taken off.

Cat Stevens’ version of The an initial Cut features a lovely guitar solo courtesy of huge Jim Sullivan, strings and also horns, and also of food Stevens’ evocative and vulnerable vocals which I find really moving. Stevens’ an initial producer Mike Hurst favored rather fancy productions, whereas later on Stevens would adopt a much more sparse folk-rock style.

Now right here is a live power by Cat Stevens of The first Cut Is The Deepest, from 1967.

This clip has actually historical value, also though both the video and audio fidelity space poor, and also the performance somewhat amateurish. Anyway, this Cat Stevens track would prove extremely popular end the coming decades. In enhancement to execution by P.P. Arnold and also Rod Stewart that we attribute here, the track was a hit because that Keith Hampshire and also Sheryl Crow, among many others.

Mr. Stevens contract tuberculosis in 1969, and had a near-death endure that compelled a year that convalescence. Throughout that period he created a slew the songs, but additionally spent lot time thinking around his life and purpose.

Stevens signed a brand-new deal v Island Records and began to work-related with producer Alun Davies, a partnership that has sustained for practically five decades. His very first major global breakthrough to be the 1970 album Tea because that The Tillerman. The album had a number of single hits, specifically the song Wild World that Stevens wrote after his connection with American actress Patti d’Arbanville ended.

After that point, Cat Stevens became an international superstar. He released a series of albums that went gold and spun off effective singles, and his name was pointed out in the same group as artists such as Paul Simon and Elton John. Number of of his song were incorporated into successful movies, an especially the 1971 black comedy Harold and also Maude.

But Mr. Stevens retained a deep interest in religion and philosophy, and also after practically drowning while swimming in Malibu, California in 1976, he convert to Islam, acquisition the surname Yusuf Islam.

After his conversion, Mr. Islam abandoned his music career, and began come donate royalties native his song to assorted charities. That did not execute again for many years.

In the interim, Yusuf Islam ended up being entangled in part controversial occasions involving the Muslim world. In 1989, after ~ a fatwa to be issued calling because that the murder of Salman Rushdie, the Booker Prize-winning writer of The Satanic Verses, Yusuf do statements that appeared to assistance the fatwa.

It is difficult to determine exactly what transpired. In the intervening years, Yusuf Islam has steadfastly denied ever supporting the fatwa against Rushdie. He claims that the was merely trying to describe the meaning of a fatwa. On the other hand, I never heard Mr. Islam explicitly oppose the fatwa against Rushdie.

Following the 9/11 attacks in new York, Washington DC and elsewhere, Yusuf Islam issued a strong denunciation of those acts, and he perform his track Peace Train for the October 2001 Concert For new York City. Listed below is a picture of Yusuf Islam performing.

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Nevertheless, in 2004 Yusuf Islam was denied entry right into the U.S. Once he attempted to fly into Washington indigenous London. The is not totally clear whether Yusuf Islam was thought about to have supported terror organizations, or whether he had actually been confused with who who had actually a similar name. He likewise successfully sued the British files The Sun and also The Sunday Times after lock published write-ups asserting he was a support of terrorism.

In 2006, Yusuf Islam began appearing in concert when again. The performed several of his old criter in English, while few of his new songs were in Arabic. He ongoing to donate most or every one of the proceeds native his music come charity. He additionally began performing as “Yusuf,” dropping his last name from his records.

In Oct. 2010, Yusuf performed in ~ Jon Stewart and also Steven Colbert’s Rally To restore Sanity and/or Fear. In a cute touch, Yusuf perform his track Peace Train, while Ozzy Osbourne contributed Crazy Train and the O’Jays sang Love Train.

In 2004, Yusuf Islam obtained the man of peace Award from the people Summit that Nobel peace Laureates. And in 2014, Cat Stevens was inducted right into the Rock and Roll room of Fame.

It’s good to watch Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam earlier on the road again. Doubters say the he appears to be enjoying self immensely, and he is performing a mixture that old and brand-new tunes.

Rod Stewart and also The first Cut Is The Deepest:

We have featured rod Stewart a couple of times before: an initial for his cover of Reason come Believe; following for his covering of Blue Moon; and also then because that his song Maggie May. So here we will certainly briefly evaluation his life and career.

Rod Stewart has actually been a major rock star for nearly fifty years. Rod had actually been performing since the early 60s as a vocalist and also harmonica player, but did no achieve far-reaching fame until 1967 once he came to be the lead vocalist because that the Jeff Beck Group. Rod likewise began writing songs in ~ this time.

His gravelly, raspy vocals gained him quite a following, particularly in the brother blues circuit. Due to the fact that 1967 stick has had a long and fruitful association v bass player and also guitarist Ron Wood. Below is a photo of stick Stewart and also his friend Ron lumber (L) performing v the Faces.

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Stewart ultimately left the Jeff Beck Group and also became the command vocalist v Faces, together with Ron Wood, Ronnie Lane, Ian McLagan and Kenney Jones. This synchronized with a period where Stewart started to worry solo albums backed by his own group of musicians.

Stewart’s big breakthrough came in 1971, as soon as the “B” next of among his singles, Maggie May, became a surprise boffo hit, increasing all the method to #1 in both the US and UK popular music charts.

Rod Stewart’s distinctive rough vocal style was amazingly reliable on tunes ranging from blues-based song to R&B come folk-rock. His occupational with Faces ongoing for a few years until they damaged up in 1975, as soon as it came to be impossible to balance the demands of the band with Stewart’s solo career.

Rod Stewart’s sheathe of The first Cut Is The Deepest was recorded at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in 1976, and also was released in at an early stage 1977. The song was #1 top top the British pop charts because that 4 mainly in 1977, and also reached #21 on the Billboard hot 100 playlists.

Here is stick Stewart in a live power of The very first Cut Is The Deepest.

Pretty great, huh? This song appears tailor-made because that Rod’s vocals and also his delivery. That brings out the pain and also heartbreak in the song, and his voice is in great form. In addition, a haunting electrical violin heightens the pathos that this tune.

The an initial Cut Is The Deepest has become one of rod Stewart’s signature tunes. You have the right to tell the audience is really right into this one – as soon as Rod gets to the line “Baby, i know,” the audience belts out that phrase.

Alas, ns jumped off the rod Stewart bandwagon in the so late 70s once he started dressing in spandex and singing disco song – Do Ya Think i’m Sexy and also Hot Legs, ugh. However, it’s tough to argue v someone who has actually sold upwards of 100 million records.

Rod Stewart to be inducted right into the Rock and Roll room of Fame as a solo artist in 1994, climate a 2nd time in 2012 as a member the Faces. He to be knighted in 2016, so girlfriend may call him teacher Roderick (reminds me that a character from Monty Python and the divine Grail).

Rod has led a very colorful life. In enhancement to his well-publicized love of soccer and also his affinity for model trains, Stewart was practically always in the company of actresses or various other beauties. One affair through Swedish actress Britt Eckland in the mid-70s was adhered to by marriage to George Hamilton’s ex-wife Alana Hamilton, and also a subsequent marriage to super-model Rachel Hunter. That is right now married to version Penny Lancaster-Stewart.

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Rod has actually fathered eight children (that we know about), by five various mothers; his oldest and youngest youngsters differ in age by 48 years. Do Ya Think ns Sexy, indeed.

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