Oak Island has been hiding a treasure for more than 200 years. So far, the Lagina brothers have uncovered a stone slab starray signs sculpted right into it, mysterious pieces of human bone and also a cross,which beginning may stretch earlier to the days of the Knights Templar.

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To date, six guys have actually passed away trying to fix the mystery and according to legfinish 7 civilization have to die so that the treasure can be found. It is a day of excellent anticipation for brothers Rick and Marty Lagina and also the other members of their Oak Island also team. In instance you missed the brand-new episode, right here is what happened!

The Cofferdam Construction

It was the first day in the building of an huge 525-foot long cofferdam at Smith’s Cove, among the many intriguing and also mysterious locations on the island.It would just gradually begin coming together over the following couple of days. When completed, the confer dam will properly wall off ocean water to the comb.


Using a powerful hydraulic hammer roughly 120 interlocking steel sheets will be propelled some 25 feet right into the ground this will certainly permit the water to be drained and then the entire location searched for necessary hints. And these are the hints that can help the Laginas settle a two hundred and twenty three-year-old treasure mystery. It might additionally help them find an intricate device of booby-trapped flood tunnels that afforded searchers from exploring the so-referred to as honey pen, located some 170 yards amethod.

“Eexceptionally time Smith’s Cove has been searched in the previous it’s been just an earthen cofferdam more or much less equivalent to the bladder system we used last year. And there’s so a lot seepage under tbelow through the sands and also the gravel and whatever underneath tbelow that was working in consistent flooding. So this time we’re gonna drive sheet piling no 23 feet and also interlock it that should sheight the bulk of the water, “sassist Marty Lagina.

What is realistically the closest timeframe to as soon as we start being able to dig an excavated Smith’s Cove?This is among the concerns elevated and also answered by the team. One of the members said: “This year, we’re anticipating around three weeks work-related from the time we started today until we deserve to more than likely rotate it over doodles ideal on schedule basically and then we deserve to gain began and also watch if there’s anypoint else hiding down in Smith’s Cove”

Journey that would pay off


As the team from Irving Equipment Limited continues with their procedure at Smith’s Cove brothers Rick and also Marty Lagina along with Craig Tester, Dave Blankenship and also Charles Barkhome are travelling some 2,300 miles west of Oak Island also to the City of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

They are on their means to the headquarters of Eagle Canada, a geophysical expedition company which over the previous 2 weeks has performed a significant seismic imaging scan of the money pit website. This revolutionary process requires the detocountry of literally thousands of explosive dynamite charges. These charges send effective shockwaves down right into the earth which are then measured and videotaped, allowing for the creation of a virtual three-dimensional map which subsequently might reveal the specific area of every little thing from old searcher tunnels and also booby traps to underground treasure vaults.


Included in the seismic scanning operation was one more search location recognized as the mega bin located some 600 feet north of the money pit site. It was here in the at an early stage 1970s that veteran treacertain hunter Dan Blankenship and also his agency, the Triton Alliance drilled some 40 exploratory bore holes trying to find tunnels that Dan believed were linked to the money pit.

“We’re going to gain a look at the seismic outcomes which were incredibly excited to view,” sassist Marty, while Rick added: “I carry out have high really hopes for them being able to view vertical structures. We have actually our own little bit version of what that could be. You recognize, psychological photo of what that can be however in any type of event this is the first time we might get some clinical imaging of what’s going on under growling both at the money pit and over tright here on the hillside.”When Jeremy started reflecting the outcomes, the whole team was sitting at the edge of their seats: “There’s your megabit ideal tright here,” he shelp.“This is definitely the biggest anomaly in this data collection so much. It’s approximately 50 meters long so you’re in 150 to 175-foot size. The distance between the optimal and also the base is 7 to 12 feet.”“What’s interesting is points are draping on peak of it so it is a confident framework whatever it is,” Jeremy pointed out. He was asked whether that was regular through a chamber through a roof and also a floor. And his answer was positive.

Anmind-boggling discovery

A 175 foot chamber situated at a depth of around 50 feet – it sound weird, don’t you think? Could this discovery lastly be the proof the Laginas and also generations of other treasure hunters have actually been trying to find for more than 2 centuries? The artificial structures really execute exist beneath the surchallenge of Oak Island also. This was somepoint the Laginas have been trying to find years. It is a breakvia discovery.

A huge void low at a depth of 160 to 170 feet and surrounding to the c1 and also h8 bore holes that Rick and also Marty dug in the money pit? “That’s where the majority of odd stuff came out of!” sassist Rick.

The Oak Island team uncovered compelling proof of what they thought to be the so-called Chappell vault, the 7-foot tall wood box initially uncovered by William Chappell and Frederick Blair in 1897. It was while looking the spoils from this same hole that the team additionally made a number of tremendous explorations, consisting of ceramic bits of parchment and also leather bookbinding and also pieces of human bones, which as soon as tested or determined to be the stays of two individuals one from Europe and the other from the Center East. Each was estimated to be even more than 400 years old.Unfortunately once the team attempted to permeate the suspected vault with a 60 inch wide drill the object was pumelted into muddy ground. Could this big chamber located close to the h8 shaft be were the elusive Chappell vault is currently located?

“If it is genuine it might answer a lot of stuff it might explain wright here we puburned that vault down to, you understand, if there’s a cavity over tbelow that has actually been breached then maybe that’s wright here the stuff went. Maybe it is the bottom of the old money pit,” shown the Laginas.

Forming a New Strategy


In Alberta, Canada brothers Rick and Marty Lagina in addition to members of the Oak Island team have simply been given the startling information that seismic scanning has actually revealed the existence of underground points in the money pit location, voids that appear to surround the borehole recognized as H8.

A flood tunnel located at a depth of roughly 100 is what they believe they have actually come throughout. They began pointing out what the finest method wregarding usage the data but one point was for certain – they were ready to discover.While Rick Marty and members of the team eagerly make their way ago to Oak Island also Jack Begley, Gary Drayton and also location geophysicist Mike West head to the beach on lot 26 situated upon the island’s South West Shore. They have come below in really hopes of finding historical artefacts like the gold spanned brooch Gary and Rick Lagina uncovered just one week ago and also which was estimated to be as much as 700 years old.They spanned the ground through metal detectors which had actually various characteristics and also therefore, they made a in-depth search.

A Bit of History

Throughout the Amerideserve to Rdevelopment in 1783, Captain James Anderkid was a privateer who pledged his allegiance to the United States. However before, after being offered command also of his own ship referred to as the Betsy he ended up being a spy for the British and fled the US taking his ship and also the valuable cargo it was carrying with him. Facing charges of treason levied by then-governor Virginia Thomas Jefferkid Anderkid escaped to Nova Scotia where he purchased lot 26 on Oak Island also.

Back to it!

To assist them in their search Mike will usage a steel detecting gadget well-known as the E/M 61. Unlike traditional steel detectors which are mainly restricted to an average scanning depth of in between one and three feet, the E/M 61 is equipped via effective transmitter and receiver coils enabling it to feeling metal objects buried approximately 20 feet deep underground. It likewise functions a GPS tool which will certainly permit the team to document the exact area of any kind of targets as well deep to be dug up by hand.

And what they found was a spike.The spike was believed to date back to 1700s and also it came from the ship. Could have actually been component of a dock or watercraft slip when supplied by Captain James Anderson? But that was not all they found…They have actually also come across a hook.The hook supplied for unloading cargo from ships and discovered on land also when owned by the 18th century pirate captain James Anderson!


The James Anderchild Recall

Last year, members of the Oak Island team traveresulted in the residence of Steve Atkinkid a direct descendant of James Anderboy wbelow they were presented among the inrenowned Buccaneers. Just in enhancement to the chest was a ring of four mysterious keys.Could the hook that the team has actually simply uncovered on lot 26 be evidence that at least one of the legends concerning Captain James Anderson is true? Was the potential treasure from the ship buried anywhere the island?

The Meeting

As one more Sun sets on Oak Island also brothers Rick and Marty lagina have actually dubbed a meeting in the war room. They are eager to share via their team the remarkable results of the seismic experimentation that they obtained earlier that day from the technicians in Calgary.


Money Pit Rumors

Over the years there have actually been many kind of Oak Island also philosophers who think that the money pit was created as a decoy designed to thwart the initiatives of would-be searchers and save them from finding the actual treacertain vault. It was their idea that after the money pit was done and also then booby-trapped through seawater one more more trick tunnel was built which branched off from the fabled shaft and then resulted in a treacertain vault situated safely above sea level.

“I have actually always felt that the theory proposed by others that the money pit was dug as deep as might be dug at the time and then there is a tunnel that goes off from it somewright here and also in a fairly shpermit depth that developed a chamber underground. And that renders so a lot feeling because it would certainly be absolutely no way to discover that through 300 year old innovation unmuch less you knew wbelow it was,” shelp among the brothers.

Could the shallow anomaly as shown on the 3D seismic map and also located some 600 feet north of the money pit be evidence that this tremendous theory is true?After that, the team designed an easy strategy and also they common the roles. Once aobtain, everyone kbrand-new what to carry out, so they were on it.

Previous Smith’s Cove Excavation Attempts

In the early 1970s Oak Island also treasure hunter Dan Blankenship played his very own attempt to excavate Smith’s Cove and also situate the flood tunnels which he hoped would certainly lead him directly to the fabled treasure vault. Unchoose Laginas, he built a large copper dam around Smith’s Cove made of huge boulders packed via earth unfortunately harsh weather plagued his efforts. And prior to he can find the flood tunnels Dan’s cofferdam was washed ameans but not prior to he made an impressive exploration.

Located just off shore and some 10 feet underground Dan uncovered the stays of an intricate wooden framework. Due to the fact that of its unique form Dan called it the u-shaped structure although its intended purpose, and also the identities of those who built it,has actually remained an enigma.

The Sonic Drilling

Later that day as occupational proceeds at Smith’s Cove, Rick Lagina along with his nephew Peter Fornetti, Craig Tester and other members of their team gather at the Oak Island Visitor Center.They’ve reserved a meeting with representatives a drilling firm that specializes in a procedure known as sonic drilling.

Unfavor continual air or mud rotary drilling which supplies effective drill bits to literally grind beneath the ground,the sonic one uses vibrations to produce a high-frequency sound which have the right to literally pulverize obstacles. It has actually been used to extract samples of earth and objects from locations as much as 5 hundred feet deep.Everybody was excited to view it being put in usage.

“I’ve always been against simply guessing. I mean the totality allude of the seismic regime wregarding find anomalous attributes underground in the money pit well they’ve targeted a space that’s worth investigating and also therefore we’re gonna drill it,” said the Laginas, referring to the concept of scanning the ground.

Using last year’s geo-tech grid as a reference, the team has actually decided to dig their first hole at a location well-known as D6. Here, they hope to uncover not just a possible device of tunnels some 100 feet deep however additionally a 30-foot wide chamber at a depth of about 170 feet. It is likewise in this chamber that the team really hopes it will certainly locate the mysterious Chappell vault in which bits of gold and also a piece of parchment was respanned even more than a century back soon before it sank better beneath the ground.

After collecting samples at intervals of approximately 10 feet, the samples are transferred right into plastic sleeves for thostormy inspection of any kind of potential artefacts or treacertain.And the team really hopes to find exciting items. Are tright here any?


Why Finding Wood Matters?

While examining Spoils excavated from borehole D6 at the money pit Oak Island companion Craig Tester and geologist Terry Mathechild have actually simply made what they think could be a critical discovery.And it was lumber they found! Is that a lumber from a tunnel? But from which year it is? Could it be bit even more than the remains of a searcher tunnel among the dozens that had been dug on the island also over the years or can it be physical evidence from an original underground structure one that might have been put there centuries ago? Why the civilization that involved the island looking to hide an tremendous treasure?

“This is the heart of that anomaly appropriate wbelow we’re drilling a tunnel, might be there, it can have been among the other tunnels coming off the money pit we’ve encountered what we believe to be a tunnel in a room or we gained a taracquire based upon the seismic information but we don’t understand what that indicates it might be original work-related, we don’t recognize, and also that’s what we’re trying to decipher. It’s exciting. It can’t be just a coincidence,” claims Rick.

A Crossbow

The discovery of a possible tunnel directly connected to the money pit offers exciting news for the Laginas and also members of their team. It indicates that the seismic data they received was able to accurately pinallude the visibility of a framework located some 93 feet listed below ground. It additionally indicates that as they proceed to drill dvery own deeper the team may likewise be successful at finding another critical proof- the one which they thought might contain the legendary Chappell vault. As the sonic drilling operation proceeds in the money pit location, Jack Begley,Gary Drayton and Mike West returned to lock 26, home that was as soon as owned by the 18th century piprice and also privateer captain James Anderson.

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While trying to find artifacts on lot 26 located on the island also southern west shore, the three of them have actually made a curious exploration – they uncovered a crossbow. But the team is not rather specific just how it got here. Dating earlier to as early on as the seventh century BC the crossbow was an effective long-array weapon and also favored for its accuracyand capacity to pierce via hefty armor. They were also commonly supplied by individuals of high standing throughout the militaries of medieval Europe till they were replaced in the 16th century by gunpowder guns. Could what Gary’s identified as a possible crossbow fault really be proof that members of the Knights Templar checked out Oak Island also centuries ago?

After researching it, it is thought that the crossbow days ago to the 1300s or maybe even earlier. It was the exploration everyone love and it will motivate them for a further search.

Following a week of intriguing revelations and also amazing new discoveries Rick, Marty and also the Oak Island team are persuaded that they are closer than ever before to fixing this 223-year-old mystery. When will certainly they find the Oak Island also treasure?