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All you must know around "Big Easy Motors."

Viewers obtained their first taste of the History Channel"s newest unscripted series over the July fourth weekend with the premiere of "Big Easy Motors," shot in New Orleans. So what specifically is it? Click with to learn all you must understand about the present, and to gain a sneak peek at what"s in keep.

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What is it?

“Big Easy Motors” is most likely best described as a cross between the auto-renovation series “Counting Cars” and also the Louisiana-proud “Duck Empire.” Set at The Bomb Factory, an auto-restoration shop in New Orleans" Bywater neighborhood, it follows owners Charles Handler and service companion Trey Hansen, together with their crew of grease primates, as they buy and flip classic cars for maximum profit. “We discover four-wheeled gems rotting in the swamps,” Handler says in presenting the display. “Thunstable our artistry and also passion for automotive background, we carry them ago to life and also offer them at auction.”

What"s the hook?

First and foremany, “Big Easy Motors” is constructed on a love of classical cars, but blfinished via the same treasure-hunt appeal that fuels such unscripted series as “Pawn Stars,” “American Pickers” and also the like. On height of that is a thick layer of Louisiana flavor – many neighborhood accents, many beauty shots of everything from the Quarter to the swamps, and numerous rescuing of cars devastated by the heat and humidity of Louisiana.

Who"s the breakout star?

Handler runs the display, but if there’s going to be a fan favorite, it will likely be Benny, a straight-from-the-bayou shop worker / morale officer who is to “Big Easy Motors” what Uncle Si is to “Duck Dynasty.” That is, he’s a colorful, wise-cracking jack of all trades – or, as he states, “a dis and also dat guy” -- who hails from Cut Off in Lafourche Parish. What’s even more, he provides no apologies for his gumbo-thick accent and his Louisiana ways. In truth, he revels in it. Chances are, viewers will certainly, too.

Are tright here any subplots?

In Episode 1, “Big Easy Motors” uses a peek at a potential running subplot for the present once Handler and also Hansen hire Devin Haun, a cherub-cheeked, barrel-bopassed away son from Tuscaloosa, Ala., who makes the mistake of blurting out a “Roll Tide” during his project interwatch. As LSU boys, Handler and also Hansen make it clear that such talk is not-safe-for-job-related behavior in Tiger Counattempt, especially in the time of footround seachild – although we’ve acquired a hunch we’ll hear even more good-natured SEC sparring in future episodes.

Who is it for?

Obviously, gearheads and also fans of classical cars will dig “Big Easy Motors.” So, as well, will fans of various other comparable unscripted treasure-hunt history mirrors – “Storage Wars,” “Pawn Stars,” “Amerihave the right to Restoration,” and so on -- as the show renders it a point to touch on America’s automotive history in each family-friendly episode. On height of that, anyone who enjoys seeing New Orleans on the bit display screen will want to inspect it out, as it provides the most of its Crescent City establishing.

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When does it air?

The initially two episodes of the show"s initial 13-episode run – "Camaro Cash-In" and "Voodoo Demon" -- aired back-to-ago over the July fourth weekend and have the right to presently be streamed for complimentary at History.com. In addition, both are scheduresulted in re-air multiple times on the History Channel, consisting of at 10 p.m. CT on Saturday (July 9) and 8 a.m. CT on Sunday (July 10), and adhering to the debuts of episodes 3 and 4, which air Tuesday (July 12) starting at 9 p.m. CT.