That Level Again Level 4 – That Level Again 4 Stage 1 Walkthrough

That Level Again 4 Stage 1 levels: 1- It’s Easy, 2-Try Harder, 3- Press the button, level 4-Back, level 5- Press The Button, level 6- Try Harder, Ha! I’ve Got Everything Covered, You think you can finish it all?, Turn it on, You are going back now? You can’t remove these frames…, How are you going to move forward? By touch?, Wait! It’s boring here, If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. Just Scroll below to find the Guide.

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TLA 4 Stage 1 (Video is below Hints):

That Level Again 4 level 1- It’s Easy:

It is really easy, Just press the button

That Level Again 4 level 2- Try Harder

Just press the button 3 times.

That Level Again 4 level 3- Press the button

Press the Button with your finger, and move the character to another end.

That Level Again 4 level 4-Back

Go back- go to the third level

That Level Again 4 level 5- Press The Button

come back to 4th level, Press the button by finger and again go Left, you will reach level 6.

That Level Again 4 level 6- Try Harder

You have to press button 3 times means you have to do 3 rounds from right to left pressing button (video walkthrough below)

That Level Again 4 level 7- Ha! I’ve Got Everything Covered

Just die on the spikes.

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That Level AgainThat level again 4 You think you can finish it all?

Jump down and touch all the button to make them vanish, First destroy jump button and then right and left button.

That Level Again 4 Turn it on

Put —- (four dashes) in the code and press enter, It will show error, then click ON behind the error.

That Level Again 4 You are going back now? You can’t remove these frames…

Now moving/tilting your phone you have to take out the character from the white frame. To do this you have to press pause then the upper line will disappear. then press resume and fly up to go to next level ( video walkthrough below for clear hints)

That Level Again 4 How are you going to move forward? By touch?

You have to go up just by feeling vibration and sound. Vibration means Hitting the wall. First send the character directly up, then right then up again to understand this hint I have an image that will clarify what is Above this that we can’t see. So that you can have an idea of where to move the character:


That level again 4 Wait! It’s boring here =( I want to go with you

Move the screen with your finger and shake it to break it then go up (video below)

That level again 4 If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist

Keep a finger on the wall, so that character can move from it (video below) go up.

Then you will find level loading, Push that character to the right so that it loads the next level. Go up to the second stage.

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Video for exact hint so that you will not have any doubt regarding the solution:

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