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Milim followers will be very happy with the bird ladies in their domain now though

More food to her for the accomplishments

Milim should be happy, now she has two new servants to do all work for her. Not like she ever did any work tho. Maybe she will have more chances to escape office to play with Rimuru next season?


Enters Walpurgis

Beats up a bitch

Copies a spell of the strongest guy on the planet

Names the group of badasses


imagine spending like 1000 years just to pick a name???

and they ask the guy that name the orcs…





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Same thing veldora pov

Enters walpugris for a manga

Throw hadokan and kamehamehaaa at your niece

forget the girls name who's country you burned down (sigma mind set there)

Throw your friend into every problem you see

Probably the most successful and eventual Walpurgis that didn't involve them all just trying to come up with a name for themselves.


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