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----------------------------------------Just when you believed Clayman wouldn't watch any an ext creeperi, the does.I'm happy to check out Milim earlier to her common self again. This is can be one of my favorite episodes this season together everyone is reunited under the very same goal v Rimuru. Jesus Christ, Clayman is still psychotic together ever also to the an extremely end.

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Veldora saw Walpurgis just to asking Rimuru because that manga lmao, yet on the other hand he could assist Rimuru.I favor that Street Fighter and also Dragon round reference, Veldora actually uses the hadouken and also kamehameha, that was hilarious.Wait what! for this reason Milim isn't controlled by Clayman?! she was simply pretending to be managed by Clayman.Finally Clayman lost.


Ah yes, classic Veldora. And, ns was reasoning that he to be there because Rimuru was in danger. LOL, But, it's an excellent as well. Now, we've one more ally who can fight v us. Anyways, provide the man a brand-new Volume already.I'm yes, really happy to watch that Milim is alright and also she was simply playing all this time. In reality surprised through the truth that she wasn't under Clayman's spell. Every little thing went horribly wrong because that Clayman in this episode. Everyone's back on Rimuru's side. That was a really great episode. One more to pave this season. And, additionally forgot to point out those references. LOL.

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This is an one more awesome episode....I think what us suspected during the first half that this season around milim, it's damn true..They got us good....5/5
If it looks choose I stand no opportunity I’ll run away and think up a new plan, yet otherwise, I need to see how strong it is through my own eyes, right?

LOLOLS Veldora reading the 3X3 eye manga and wanting much more from Rimuru. So asking him to attend to Milim is the best feasible thing, while Rimuru takes treatment of the rest.Beretta acting prefer a spoiled boy in front of Rimuru, it's the relationship betwen master and servant (Ramiris and also Beretta). And also oh my, Veldora v the Street Fighter and also Dragon Ball references while Shion feeling nothing indigenous Clayman's assaults being the Demon lord level, except his stunner Pierrot view which noted some challenge.Milim damaged out the the curse not being manipulated in the an initial place, which supposed that we're gift led and played along also with Carrion's disguise, GGWP come Clayman's dreadful defeat. It was specially hard to led Clayman astray through such cheap play, but they go it.Looking back at Clayman's life being part of the moderate Harlequin Alliance v Tear, Footman, and also eventually Yuuki, that could've achieved something. Yet this is the path he decided to obtain overwhelming power, to transform into Demon mr this is Clayman's real awakening and also Rimuru's to complete once and also for all. A wild roller-coaster ride S2P2 has actually been, and also it's not over yet.