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—————————————-Blood Sacrifice!Well that escalated. Naofumi planned to use his Curse Shield but apparently, anger caused an ever stronger power to emerge. If it wasn't for his friends, that would of been much worse for him. Tbh though, I'm glad the Pope got what he deserved. What a bastard.


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I don't know of this episode specially viewers and commentator will considered the epic success story or epic failed story??…Base what I observed during i watch this episode, the fight scene is too great compared to last episode that more chit chat (wording only less battle).. But when Naofumi activated the Lvl 3 curse shield, I was being confuse when I compared to manga and that series, that scene is too to far difference and they adding the scenes including the pope use the bow above the cky and suddenly there lots of arrow appeared everywhere.. And the appeared of 3 harems that only rapthalia can do that to cold down the rage shield.. But the blood sacrifice.. This the best ever and considered it perfectly skill for Naofumi…

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All 4 heroes working together.That Pope was actually pretty powerful. Though good thing he was killed.
I came in not expecting Blood Sacrifice, but they did it. Wow. Okay. Other than that, this episode was pretty good. The other heroes aren't as useless as they are in the LN, they actually did something! Wow!Well then, other than that. I'd thought we'd see
but I guess that's in the next episode.Which leaves the following events of the end of LN 4 to the whole of LN 5 to be wrapped up in 5 episodes. Hopefully it isn't too rushed.

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“A fitting way for the devil to end, consumed by your own power” Right back at you pope, right back at you
Good episode but felt stupid at times, too much talking like damn shut up people and just fightAnd damn the queen is buffed, she can definitely get it.Blood sacrifice was epic
After an episode filled with chatting, we have this one filled with action and by that everything is balanced. :)Merlomarc's queen is thicc and powerful. I'm wondering why she was kinda in the background all the time, leaving everything in her husband's inefficient hands that lacked professionalism as required from a ruler (even acting ruler) of a country.Pope is gone. He was defeated in style, however he was a fine villain. Too bad we won't likely see more of him in the future.What I didn't like was this awkward moment when the Pope loaded his ultimate attack and Heroes were just watching, peacefully chatting and Naofumi's team even found some time to calm down his rage.This episode was not a final one, so I'm curious about the quality of the season's finale. Will we get something similar, or better/worse than clash with the Pope? We will see in a couple of weeks.


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