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Hell and also High Water" is a track written by Alex Harvey and also co-written and recorded through American country music artist T. Graham Brown. It was released in September 1986 as the third single from the album i Tell It prefer It offered to Be. The song was Brown"s third country hit and the an initial of 3 number ones on the country chart. The single went come number one because that one week and also spent a complete of fifteen mainly on the country chart.

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Now baby don"t worry, if the troubles your mind,"cause it"ll all to wash away girl, in the river of time,if you require a shoulder, i"ll it is in around,i"ll be her rock to organize onto, it spins the flow goes down.(chorus)It"s hell and also high water, that your goin" thru,but come hell and high water, i"ll be right here waiting because that you.Can"t keep you from cryin", and also I can"t avoid your pain,bright instant sunshine, never could stop the rain,but you understand that i"ll it is in there, just like that ole sun,to it is in your good morning, when your cryin"s all done.It"s hell and high water, that your goin" thru,but come hell or high water, i"ll be here waiting because that you(repeat chorus)

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T. Graham Brown Anthony "T." Graham Brown (born October 30, 1954 in Atlanta, Georgia) is one American country music artist. Active since 1986, Brown has actually recorded a total of thirteen studio albums, and has charted more than twenty singles top top the Billboard Hot country Songs charts. 3 of this singles — "Hell and also High Water" and also "Don"t go to Strangers" native 1986, and also "Darlene" indigenous 1988 — reached Number One, and also eight much more reached optimal Ten. Much more »


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