Star Vs The Forces Of Evil Monster Bash, Monster Bash

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Much of this season has covered Star being vocal about howunfair monsters are treated by Mewmans.She’s proven capable of putting her reckless traits aside and noticelegit issues. The only problem is thatcertain steps in her plan to end the prejudices seem to come without warranting. This continues here when shethrows a party for all monster and Mewan youths. The event would have had more value to it ifpast episode featured the plans getting underway. This can be forgiven for how Star haseverything under control.
By justputting monsters and Mewmans in the same room, everyone hits it off well. Some bond over interests and one monster evenhelps a princesses with her own problem.It’s truly impressive how Star heals the years of discrimination soeasily. However, external forces ruinher legit progress. During the party, amonster and a princess end up in the cellar and are ambushed. The princess returns, but the monster and a fewothers are gone. From here, all thelegit bonding of monsters and Mewmans goes to waste. There’s blaming over what species is worsewhich is totally out of line. It couldhave been avoided if the princess just explained what really happened, but shenever does. Also, how could the monstersbe blamed if they’re being taken, and why would the monsters be quick to blame the Mewmans when they were so open to bonding with them? Iwouldn’t be so concerned with this direction if the monsters and Mewmans didn’tget along earlier.

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When Star and Marcoinvestigate, they find the monsters imprisoned by Mina Loveberry, and her role herefurther botches theprejudices. She’s here for one specificmonster, but she’s imprisoning teen monsters who did nothing wrong. How is that fair? I know Mina is crazy, butshe’s also known to keep focused on all assigned tasks. Why the deviation? Her true target appears when they run intoMs. Heinous who was stalking the party from the sidelines. Her cheeks glow, which reveals a hidden babyroom. Following this is a gentlesequence where she looks over the room and recognizes everything, includingdolls of Eclipsa and her monster husband.It even causes her appearance to become more monstrous. The takeaway is that Ms. Heinous is actuallyMeteora, daughter of Eclipsa and a technical part of the Butterfly family. Despite Meteora sounding genuinely restrainedas she looks over her old room, Mina irrationally attacks her in a much moremonstrous form. There’s a fun intensebattle with Mina where everyone gets a chance to throw punches, even though sheoverpowers them all. It also sets upsomething huge with Meteora escaping while everyone’s fighting and hermonstrous form flourishes.
As for theMewman vs monster conflict, it ends up going nowhere when Rhombulus and theroyal guards close down the party. Theyalso only serve the Mewmans and imprison the monsters. The big kicker is that the Mewmans show nosympathy to the monsters they befriended, and Star is berated for even hostingthe party.No one, not evenStar,brings up thatits cause wouldhave worked if Mina didn’t show up when she did; the party’s downfall was atotal freak event. Plus, the Mewmans’unwarranted attitudes towards monsters fuels the issue with frustratingdenseness.

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As you can see, the prejudiceissue has no real weight to it, making for a very flawed portrayal of thetheme. However, what elevates thisepisode to greatness is Star’s portrayal and a dark twist setting up events tocome.


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