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Spider-Man: Where To Find Uncle Ben Parker's Grave in the PS4 Game Uncle Ben”s grave can initially be hard to find in Marvel”s Spider-Man for PS4, but it”s hiding in plain sight.

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Marvel”s Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 features an adult version of Peter Parker who is already an established superhero. Even though the game tells an original story separate from the comics, Peter Parker”s origin remains the same: He gained his superpowers when he was a teenager and became Spider-Man after the death of his uncle, Ben Parker. Uncle Ben is referenced in the game”s narrative, but there is also an Uncle Ben Easter egg hidden in the open-world game: His grave.

Spider-Man takes place in Manhattan, which features real-world locations such as Central Park and the Financial District. These places can be discovered by traveling the map and disabling radio towers, unlocking new missions and areas to explore.

One of the locations that can be unlocked is Harlem, near the northernmost section of the map. Located within Harlem is a cemetery, which the player will first visit near the beginning of the game after playing as Miles Morales. Uncle Ben”s grave can be found in the northern section of the cemetery.

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When players find the grave, Peter will pause to pay his respects to his late uncle. He says, “Hey Uncle Ben. Miss you. Doing my best to make you proud.”

Activating this dialogue will give the player the “With Great Power…” trophy, a reference to the famous French Revolution proverb, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Uncle Ben says the line in the first Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie, but it first appears in the Marvel Universe in Amazing Fantasy #15, wherein it isn”t attributed to any character.

Of all the side-quests and trophies within the game, “With Great Power…” is definitely one of the easiest to complete, but finding the grave can still be tricky because of how small it is. The grave is located behind a series of larger headstones, near two very large trees. The grave itself has the name Ben Parker written on it in large letters.

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Uncle Ben”s death has always been a significant part of Spider-Man canon, occurring in nearly every adaptation of the character. Though the circumstances vary between versions, Uncle Ben”s death always comes at the hands of a robber. The news of Ben”s death profoundly upsets Peter and becomes the motivation for Peter”s decision to use his powers to become Spider-Man and avenge his uncle”s death.

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Paying respects to Uncle Ben is just one of the many great Easter eggs hidden within Marvel”s Spider-Man for PS4.

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