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By Julie Seedorf

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Published 9:39 am Monday, November 10, 2014

Something around Nothing by Julie Seedorf

Recently I witnessed a cartoon wherein a man and woman were looking the end over a lake through a son playing nearby in the grass. Underneath that plot that land, holding it up, were Marines, Navy, Army and Air pressure veterans. That was simply a cartoon, but it lingers in my mind having the effect that something does as soon as it has actually meaning. It lingers lengthy after the event occurs.

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Seeing that picture made me look in ~ the life I have here today in the United says in a various way. We would certainly not have the life we have if it weren’t for all of those who have dealt with to protect our freedoms. Yes, I know I say the every year, yet if ns take a couple of moments to ponder the fact that due to the fact that of those men and also women I deserve to write this column, I can voice mine thoughts. I am cost-free to execute that.

I can choose the faith of choice to worship. Ns don’t have to do it in secret. Mine grandparents who came end from Poland in the late 1800s and also early 1900s can have told you about spiritual persecution.

I have many freedoms now since of those who protected that freedom. Life in the people I do today, and at the period I am, ns don’t think ns still completely understand what words freedom means the method my mother and father did. Castle lived through the good Depression. They lived through two people wars and also they did no take their flexibility for granted since they experienced the sacrifice that not just those in combat made, but likewise they knew the sacrifice of those families, men, women and also children here at home throughout the war. Life ago home in those job did no go on as if the battles weren’t being fought.

The United says has been in many wars because World war I and II. Us still have men and also women fighting and also sacrificing their lives. Us have families deeply impacted by their loved ones gift so far away. Us lament and also we mourn and also we argue that every one of this is going on, yet I don’t check out or hear the stories of sacrifice from many of united state that you hear indigenous the world wars.

Our lives, as the battles waged ~ above elsewhere, pretty much went top top the same, other than for the 9/11 attacks. At that time we Americans were required to stop and also take notification because the attack was on our soil.

Yes, one more soldier dies and we take notification for a moment before we go earlier to our society media and also our video clip games. Us take notification for a moment prior to we complain the our kitchen isn’t approximately snuff and needs to it is in remodeled or us don’t have the recent in fashion.

We nothing seem to care anymore that we have the freedom of religion to praise as we choose due to the fact that the next game or sports occasion is an ext important than attending church and being v our church family.

Perhaps that is freedom of religion. We determined not to practice it. We don’t it seems ~ to treatment that world can burn our flag or disrespect our government, our teacher or authority. We don’t it seems to be ~ to treatment that civilization are being gunned down on our streets in areas where us don’t live. We don’t seem to treatment that we space being tracked and are on camera every place we walk in the name of safety. Us don’t seem to treatment that civilization are homeless and also hungry.

Franklin Roosevelt yielded what was well-known as his “Four Freedoms” speech, which to be technically the 1941 State that the Union address. He declared four freedoms that felt that world everywhere have to have. Lock were freedom of speech, liberty of worship, freedom from want and also freedom indigenous fear. This decided was ceded 11 months prior to the unified States asserted war top top Japan on Dec. 8, 1941.

Speech and religion are defended by the United claims Constitution.

It is my opinion that with the hard-fought flexibility comes responsibility to no abuse that freedom. Cost-free speech walk not typical massacring someone through your tongue and also bullying someone into silence. It way letting castle respectfully speak, listening to what they need to say, with us act the same.

Freedom of religious beliefs does not typical imposing your religious beliefs on who else. It method letting people pick what is best for them and also respecting the decision. We should be able to carry out these 2 freedoms without fear of reprisal.

When I check out that Roosevelt mentioned freedom from fear, i pondered what that can mean this particular day in our society. Execute we have freedom from fear?

I mentioned earlier that we don’t it seems to be ~ to care that everything we perform is monitored. That itself strikes fear into me. We room monitored for our safety. We are monitored so our companies can know what we like. We space monitored ~ above our gps so world can find us.

And now we have actually the ever popular debate about drones. I don’t understand if our ancestors would take into consideration this to it is in a safeguard of ours freedoms or an encroachment on ours freedoms. Is the monitoring flexibility from fear? defines freedom this way: the state the being free or at liberty quite than in confinement or under physical restraint, exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc., the strength to determine action without restraint, politics or nationwide independence. An individual liberty, as opposed come bondage or slavery, exemption from the presence of anything stated (usually adhered to by from), flexibility from fear, the lack of or release from ties, obligations.

Those soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who held up America’s freedoms in that cartoon have offered us the liberty we have today in whatever kind that happens to be in ours mind. We have to not take it lightly.

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There is the saying the you don’t evaluate what you have actually until the is gone. Appreciate that liberty today and on Tuesday and also say say thanks to you come a veteran. Take the time to psychic the sacrifice the has gone into that flexibility from those that have served, to those the were left behind to assistance our troops and also our nation from our residence shores. Remember.

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