I have been diagnosed through SFN, and also was a little alarmed at my biopsy outcomes. I have actually read over a lot of the symptoms and discussions others posted, and also did not desire to be overly redundant, so in the interest of maintaining this post marginally analytical, I was hoping you might provide me an concept of the severity of the results.

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The lab says that low thickness is in the variety of 6.2-6.8 for the thigh. My observed density was 0.07. For the calf the low selection was 4.8-5.4 and also my observed was 0.67.

Those numbers seem exceptionally bad and also depushing. Is it as poor as the numbers would seem?

Thanks for any assumed you deserve to provide-Scott

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John, Volunteer Mentor |
johnbishop | May 26, 2018

Good morning Scott (

Welpertained to brianowens.tv. I'm glad you uncovered us. brianowens.tv is an excellent area to ask questions and also learn what others through comparable health troubles are doing for treatment. I likewise have actually small fiber peripheral neuropathy which I've had going on 20+ years. I was diagnosed with idiopathic SFPN in 2016 when I was came to it was getting worse.

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Sometimes test results have the right to be depushing. You are not alone trying to figure out what it all suggests in the long run. I have no medical training or background but I I would not focus on the numbers. Keep asking concerns and also learn as much as you can about your wellness conditions. Better informed indicates you have the right to ask your doctors much better concerns and also assist them carry out their job better.

Scott, have the right to you tell us even more about your SFN? What type of symptoms led to you to have the biopsy – pain, numbness?

Here are some links that may administer even more indevelopment for you on SFN:

Easy to understand also explanation of little fiber peripheral neuropathy by Matthew B. Jensen. Assistant Professor of Neurology, College of Wisconsin:— https://youtu.be/S1qt-ueIP6

NIH – Diagnosis and also Treatment of Pain in Small Fiber Neuropathy— https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3086960/

Here is a link to my PN story:— https://attach.brianowens.tv.org/discussion/anyone-here-dealing-with-peripheral-neuropathy/?pg=44#comment-65985

I'm likewise tagging a few members through PN to watch if they have the right to share any indevelopment via you around biopsy numbers/outcomes.
lynsorensen — execute you have any type of thoughts for Scott on skin biopsy numbers for small fiber neuropathy?