What Is Slim X Genie Keto Reviews : Does It Work? Slim X Genie Keto Price

Slim X Genie Keto is a natural product that helps the body stay in a fat-burning condition known as ketosis, which aids in weight loss.

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Reviewed by Dr. Allen S. Miller, DC, MS
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About Slim X Genie Keto

Slim X Genie Keto is an organic supplement designed for people who are following a ketogenic diet. The purpose of this supplement is to assist the body in maintaining a fat-burning state of ketosis, assisting in rapid weight loss.

When the body is ketosis one will experience additional energy for exercise, work, and helps curb your appetite.

Slim X Genie Keto Pros & Cons


This product may increase energy levels and helps in increased activity and mental clarity.Ketones have been proven to It can assist in burning fat rapidly.


These are large capsules which may be hard to swallow.There’s no price listed on any of the official product sites but you can find it on Amazon for the price $119.99.

How Does It Work | The Science Behind Slim X Genie Keto

The supplement is designed for a person who’s following a ketogenic diet regimen. This means that are mostly avoiding carbohydrates and simple sugars, eating mainly proteins, fruits and vegetables. The body no longer has carbohydrates and sugar for energy so it devours body fat for fuel.

Under normal circumstances, glucose is converted into energy. When there’s none, the liver releases ketones into your system. This puts you in a state called ‘ketosis’ where you’re burning stored fat for energy. Ketones may also increase the speed of the metabolism.

The primary active ingredient in this product is BHB ketones. These extra ketones are there to make maintain ketosis longer. Research has shown that BHB ketones speed up weight loss.


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Slim X Genie Keto Ingredients – What to Look For?

The only ingredient listed for this product is ketonebeta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB). These ketones are released by the liver when voluntary ingestion of carbohydrates is curtailed. In a state of ketosis, the body burns fat instead of glucose for energy.

According to research, ingestion of BHB Ketones can lead to significant weight loss.

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Slim X Genie Keto – Questions and Answers

Q: How to Use Slim X Genie Keto?A: The recommended dosage is 2 capsules per day, with a full glass of water. It’s best to take them in the morning, so you benefit from the extra energy during the day.

CAUTION: Do not take more than the recommended dosage or it could harm your body.

Q: Does Slim X Genie Keto Have Any Side Effects?A: There are no specific side effects associated with Slim X Genie Keto. You may experience some flu-like symptoms from being on the keto diet, as toxins are released from the fat as it is burned for fuel.

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Q: Can I Take Slim X Genie Keto If I Have A Health Condition?A: There are no specific health conditions that preclude taking this supplement, however, consult your physician for any health risks you may have before starting a ketogenic diet.

Q: Does Slim X Genie Keto Work?A: These supplements have been shown effective in achieving weight loss. The product is relatively new to the market so there aren’t many customer reviews online, however, the customers report positive results from taking this product.

Q: What Is Slim X Genie Keto Moneyback Guarantee, Return & Refund Policy?A: There’s no return policy listed on any of the official product websites. The supplement is for sale on some third-party websites, so if you purchase through them, you’ll be covered by their return policy.

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BrandPriceActive Ingredients
Slim X Genie Keto $119.99 BHB ketones
Keto Flux $94.87 BHB ketones, maltodextrin, forskolin
Botanica Keto $89.99, plus $4.95 shipping Ketones, MCT oil
Thrive Society Keto $94.12 BHB Ketones, Garcinia Cambogia
Eliz Keto $93.99 BHB ketones
Phen375 $65.95 Caffeine Anhydrous, L-Carnitine, Citrus Aurantium, Chromium, Cayenne Pepper
Vital Keto Unknown Raspberry Ketones, Caffeine, Green Tea

Clearly, the keto products are priced very high. The cost of Slim X Genie Keto is unknown, which is obviously not very helpful.

In addition, the supplement is very run-of-the-mill as far as keto supplements are concerned. The only ingredient is BHB ketones.

Is It Safe? – Warnings & Complaints

This product is relatively safe, as long as you have no underlying medical conditions that preclude you from being on a ketogenic diet. There are few side effects associated with this product.

Slim X Genie Keto Customer Reviews & Results

There are some customer reviews online, but not very many. If a product is good, normally you do see plenty of good user reviews. However, there are some positive reports for using this product. Some customers felt that it did help them lose weight faster, and it gave them energy.

On the negative side, users complained that when they ordered a free trial they were entered into an auto-ship program costing more money than expected. There doesn’t appear to be a trial offer at this moment.

Slim X Genie Keto: Packages, Deals, Prices & Where to Buy It

The price isn’t listed on any of the official product websites. One of the reviewers on a 3rd party website said it was $79. Other retailers say the product isn’t currently available.

The Bottom Line

With few reviews of Slim X Genie Keto, there are only limited conclusions to draw about the product. There were some satisfied customers who felt that this product helped them lose weight.

Other users said that they were cheated out of money in a free trial offer the company had. This keto product may work, but it’s in no way original. The only ingredient it contains is BHB ketones, like many other similar products Keto Go Fit, Keto Burn Xtreme and Keto Slim.

Is There Anything Else You Should Know About This Product?

The keto diet may be the right diet to help you lose weight, and it may be the supplement you need to accompany the diet. However, the keto diet is not meant to be a lifelong pursuit.

It’s important to pursue a balanced lifestyle in the long run.

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Eat a nutritious diet complete with proteins, vitamins, and minerals.Make sure you exercise on a regular basis – concentrating on cardiovascular exercise for at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes each time.Curtail eating junk food, sweets and drinking alcohol which contains empty calories.

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