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SIX Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Indian Country


Who cares if the Joint Chiefs of Staff ordered you make the exchange of Michael for the President”s friend (or was he an advisor?) They”re going to be stepping into dangerous territory as soon as they cross the Russian border.

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Buddha should have shot Michael and then put a bullet in Gina”s head. That would have been the end of it, and they all could have gone home to their families. They would have been able to handle the heat until it all got sorted out. They”ve done it before. They could do it again.

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But Bear is the big man on campus and feels the need to beat on his chest just to prove how big and strong he is. He”s not called Bear for nothing, right?

It makes you wonder if Rip was drunk when he recommended Bear to take over the team. What was he thinking? What is Bear thinking?

It”s admirable that he”s quick to follow orders, but why won”t he listen to reason? There”s going to be a hefty price to pay when Marissa takes action against Buddha”s family.

Buddha: Rip wouldn”t go. Rip would put a bullet in Nasry”s head and take us home to our families.Bear: I”m not Rip. I”m not Rip.

Bear might end up being the one with the bullet in his head.

Buddha needs to sit Bear down and tell him all about what Gina did all those years ago. Bear has to realize that Gina is not to be trusted. She told them Nasry was dead should have been enough to make the warning flags go up in his mind when Michael showed his face.

He didn”t even question her about it. Or anyone higher up for that matter. It makes me question his leadership ability.


I know there wasn”t a lot of time to sort things out, but I would have at least gone to the Commander about it before they started the mission.

There won”t be time to sort it all out later when some of his men are dead because of his poor decision.

Sure, he thinks it”s a suicide mission, but it didn”t stop him from following orders.

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If it was anyone else but Buddha trying to talk sense to him maybe Bear would have listened, but it was Buddha, and it all goes back to Bear beating his chest to show everyone who”s boss.

Buddha is the only one who is thinking straight on this mission. He should have walked away, but the team is his family too. He couldn”t walk away from his family.

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Gina is a great liar, but I think she really does hold the Prince accountable for Rip”s death.

All you believe in is fear. All you know how to do is kill. America has no ideas anymore. Only bullets.


She has no idea what kind of network Michael has developed. She has no idea how truly dangerous he is.

But she”s not thinking straight, either. I”ve said it a bazillion times. She only wants to avenge her boyfriend”s death. If Vince wouldn”t have gotten killed, she wouldn”t be chasing after this guy and would probably have just let the SEALs do with Michael as they wished.

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Buddha should have shot Michael when he had the chance before the rest of the guys showed up.

Why anyone didn”t think to keep track of and protect their asset is beyond me. Did it not occur to any of these guys that maybe Michael might get shot in the middle of the firefight? Then what?


It was a careless move on everyone”s part. 

If Michael would have had the opportunity to call his network as he asked, the only thing he would have said to Marissa (or whoever) was the command to kill all of the SEALs” families.

Michael was itching to shove his power in all their faces. Making that move would have stopped the exchange mission dead in its tracks. There would have been no way that any of the team would”ve moved forward if they knew their families were in danger.

Lena, it”s our job to kill people. Up close before they kill us. We have to lock that stuff away. We”re afraid that if we let you in, you won”t like what you see.


It was probably the first time Michael was ever honest with any of them. 

I can”t decide if Michael is playing games, or if he is truly afraid that the Prince will kill him after the exchange is made. There”s a reason for everything Michael says and does.

He knows exactly what he”s doing, but there also some truth to his fear. Or he”s just a damn good actor. Still, if he would”ve been given the phone, I”m convinced he would have called Marissa to tell her to slaughter them all.

Buddha: Beg.Michael: Like my brother? Never. Go ahead. Get your payback. It won”t” matter. You, your family, all of you are dead already.

But that”s coming right around the corner so it might be a good thing that Caulder is still in town while his team is on their suicide mission.

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And if you think about it, Dharma learning how to use a gun might be a good thing, too. She might end up being the one to save them all.


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