Carmen Villalobos rose to fame by playing Catalina Santana in the telenovela “Sin senos no hay paraíso”, which over the years became one of the most acclaimed franchises of the last couple of decades, both in the United States and in Latin America. Even this story reached Spain.

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Since2008, Colombian actress gave life to this character, who marked a before and after in his artistic career. The story of Catalina Santana, Titi and La Diabla concluded his cycle with “The end of paradise” in December 2019. However, the success of the telenovela remains valid as it earned a special place in the hearts of the public.

Carmen Villalobos topped the plot as Catalina Santana in almost all its seasons. Thus, the actress gained international popularity and established herself as one of the most famous Colombian interpreters of her generation and one of the most important on television in Latin America.

Since 2008, Carmen Villalobos gave life to this character, who marked a before and after in her artistic career (Photo: Telemundo)

“I owe him almost everything. The public opened the doors to me and recognized me thanks to that character and I enjoyed it from the first day to the last. It was an experience that marked my life, that marked my career. I will always say that there is a before and after of Without breasts there is no paradise ”, said the Colombian actress in an interview with People en Español in 2016, acknowledging that playing Catalina marked a before and after in her acting career.

What few know is that the character who catapulted fame to Carmen Villalobos, Catalina Santana, exists in real life. The story we’ve all seen in “Without breasts there is no paradise”, “Without breasts there is paradise” and “The end of paradise” It’s based on real events.

Gustavo Bolivar is the writer of the novel that was adapted for television. In his opinion column for the Colombian newspaper Cuarto de hora, he said that the true identity of Catalina Santana it was protected. “The commitment with her was to never tell her true identity.”

According to Bolívar, the secret was so carefully kept that not even the mother of the real Catalina knew that this was her daughter’s story when the telenovela was released.

“She She told me that she was anxious watching the promos and that she was going to sit down with her mother, even though she did not know that the series was based on her daughter’s story, ”the Colombian writer wrote to the aforementioned media.

After the first chapter of “Without breasts, there is no paradise”, Bolivar He called the young woman to find out what she had liked about the series, and especially her character, and told her an anecdote that she always remembers.

“She told me that her mother, seeing how the drug traffickers humiliated Catalina, without knowing that she was her own daughter, had told her: ‘If Mommy sees what happens to those girls for not studying, for not having self-esteem, for always wanting the easy life ‘?’, the real Catalina Santana told him.

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However, the saddest part of the conversation was the part where the young woman told Bolívar: ‘If my mother had told me this 5 years ago, I don’t know, maybe I won’t go down that road,’ ”he revealed.

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