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I honestly can't believe they got rid of Killahgramz. Ns really chosen his positivity and think that did far far better than Seo Chul Gu and even matched Reddy. Expect we'll hear an ext from him soon!

Supported him due to the fact that LA but I honestly think the overdid that in this round, which proved his biggest weakness is the his rap style is not everyone's cup that tea. Also out that the 4 in KuZi, Killahgramz is the only amateur one. They more than likely think it was not worth risking his inexperience to view potential expansion with his not an extremely digestive lab style.

SMTM contestants have high return rate. A lot of of large names had actually been dropped to too early this season. They'll most likely be the Cjamm Bewhy next year.

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accidentally hovered top top the spoiler part xD...anyway i'm just reaching team zion-t and kush, roughly the component where your team are presented ...anyone know why superbee talked about why he have no money?

Okay now after watching this episode I recognize why sanchez to be so mad and made that rant ( The editing and enhancing made it seem prefer he make this huge mistake that everyone noticed. The step they kept using to display this was Cjamm saying "wow this failure is therefore noticeable". However if friend watch the scene again it feels choose it's been cropped the end of context. If it yes, really was that noticeable ns think they would've used a group reaction shot. Most likely Cjamm was talking about a various artist once he was saying that, yet mnet cropped it so the looked favor he was talking about sanchez. If you look at his performance in the uncut/unedited version you'll see he doesn't make a mistake. Ns honestly think Gil had actually it the end for him after sanchez made that comment around bringing Gary. It's no unreasonable that asked simon D to make a comment about sanchez being negative so it deserve to be used as a scene to justify his decision. The means simon D talked around sanchez feeling So compelled (when the said among the rappers to be a lot far better than sanchez). It just felt favor it came from nowhere. Also when Gil request sanchez in ~ the finish if the made a mistake i think he was fishing for him to admit something that didn't do, or wanted to say that so it have the right to be edited in the scene. Sorry because that the long rant. Just really ailing of the wrongful modifying by MNET.