She Don T Eat Meat But She Sure Like The Bone!”: Tinder, Lyrics For New Age Girl By Deadeye Dick


In The Air TonightPhil Collins

“In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins was revived when it was used in the first episode of Miami Vice, three years after it was released.

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Dust In The WindKansas

The philosophical Kansas song “Dust In The Wind” is inspired by a line of Native American poetry: “For all we are is dust in the wind.”


Super FreakRick James

The Temptations sang backup on “Super Freak” by Rick James. He mentions them in the song when he says, “Temptations, sing!”


ChangesDavid Bowie

The movie The Breakfast Club opens with a passage from David Bowie”s “Changes” (“And these children that you spit on…”)


AngieThe Rolling Stones

“Angie” was the only ballad by The Rolling Stones to hit #1 in America.


Private IdahoThe B-52s

The B-52″s picked chose the location of their song “Private Idaho” because the state had a reputation for being wacky and mysterious. The title was a play on the phrase “Private Eye.”


Soul Train Stories with Stephen McMillianSong Writing

A Soul Train dancer takes us through a day on the show, and explains what you had to do to get camera time.

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Stand By Me: The Perfect Song-Movie CombinationSong Writing

In 1986, a Stephen King novella was made into a movie, with a classic song serving as title, soundtrack and tone.


JJ Burnel of The StranglersSongwriter Interviews

JJ talks about The Stranglers” signature sound – keyboard and bass – which isn”t your typical strain of punk rock.


Spooner OldhamSongwriter Interviews

His keyboard work helped define the Muscle Shoals sound and make him an integral part of many Neil Young recordings. Spooner is also an accomplished songwriter, whose hits include “I”m Your Puppet” and “Cry Like A Baby.”


Timothy B. SchmitSongwriter Interviews

The longtime Eagle talks about soaring back to his solo career, and what he learned about songwriting in the group.

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The PoliceFact or Fiction

Do their first three albums have French titles? Is “De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da” really meaningless? See if you can tell in this Fact or Fiction.


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