Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Eye Of The Serpent Walkthrough, Exploring Of The Temple

Enter the Mountain Temple

The Mountain Temple entrance is located to the north of Unuratu”s house, at the top of the irrigated quarry area. Make your way to the temple entrance and scramble up the wall to enter the temple interior.

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Find the Inner Stronghold

Follow the path to a dead end and jump to the craggy wall and rappel down to the floor and then take a few steps to trigger a scene. Check the corner of this area for a Resource Container and then climb the ledge, near a wall painting, to continue.

Cross the beam straight ahead and jump to a ledge on the left, near the building with gold carvings, and then shimmy around the outside and pull yourself up to find the Mountain Temple Base Camp. You can now search the area behind the Base Camp to find some Gold Ore, near the cliff, and the nearby temple for some additional Gold Ore and a Resource Container.


Once the area is clear, scramble up the right side of the main gate to reach the crank.

Find the Silver Box of Ix Chel

Follow the path outside to spot the eye of the serpent and then jump to the craggy wall and shimmy left to jump to another ledge. Continue around this ledge to the right and use the craggy bit below to rappel down and then wall run and jump to swing to another wall that you can rappel from to reach the ground.

Head toward the “eye” and grapple across the rapids and then jump and latch onto the pillar on the roof of the building to rappel downward and drop into the water below. You can now dive into the water to find a Resource Container, swim through the tunnel to reach the other side, and climb out of the area to spot the temple in the water below.


Ride the nearby zipline to the Cenote Vista Base Camp and then collect a Resource Container and Document – Journal of T. Serrano 2 in the structure. You can now scramble up the wall to continue, finding another Resource Container before diving into the water below.

There are a number of collectibles in this area, as well as all the Treasure Chests for the Challenge – Sunken Treasure. Carefully search the water and collect these, as well as the Resource Container x2 scattered about, and then avoid the piranhas to find a Supply Cache near the Relic – Crucified Figure.


Once you”ve cleared out the water areas, swim to the beach on the southeast side of the area to find another Supply Cache and then up to spot a rope-wrapped Effigy that you can pull down for the Challenge – Respected.

Before leaving the area, check around the the other side of the wall to find and Explorer Backpack and then swim directly across the water and climb out to pull down a wooden barricade with an Archivist Map behind it.

When you”ve fully cleared out the area, enter the temple and swim through the tunnel until the path opens up and then check the bottom left corner for an underwater Supply Cache. There is some Salvage and a Resource Container above the Supply Cache that you can collect, but by now you”ll probably be running out of air and will need to surface in the back corner of the area.

Exit the water and collect some Jade Ore on the ground before examining the mural on the wall for optional dialogue and then dive back into the water to find the Relic – Knight”s Morion.

Continue downward a bit and stop at the trapped air bubble for a breath and then head down to the right to find another Resource Container. Follow the lower tunnel until the path opens to another larger underwater chamber, connected to the area near the relic, and then grab the Resource Container.

On the far side of the area, swim up the long shaft on the north side of the area and then exit the water to trigger a short event. You can now collect more Jade Ore and the Document – A Warning before returning to the water and heading toward the objective beacon.

Follow the path until you spot the dead soldier in the distance and scramble up the wall straight ahead and then jump up and grab onto the wall above. Climb upward and jump to a ledge on the left and then shimmy around to another wall, where you can rappel to the nearby platform.

Collect the Resource Container on the ground before squeezing through the tight crack and then head right, toward the Challenge Tomb entrance. See Challenge Tomb: San Cordoba for more information.

If your ignore the Challenge Tomb, or complete the tomb and exit the other side of the underwater tunnel, search the ground for the Document – Journal of T. Serrano 5 and then jump to the nearby ledges. Follow the ledges until you reach the dead soldier and then cut him down to retrieve the Bishop 600 shotgun.

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Take a moment to rest at the Cenote Temple Ruins and collect the nearby Salvage and then turn around to spot another Effigy. You can now shoot through the shotgun barricade and squeeze through the crack to find another Resource Container.

Follow the tunnel and sneak up on the creature to trigger a scene and then prepare for a fight.

Survive the ambush

The shotgun will come in handy for this fight, so pull it out and shoot the creature and then keep an eye out for more creatures, sneaking in through tunnels or breaking through the barricades on the upper platforms. There is plenty of ammo lying around the room, if needed, and keep an eye out for the pots, which can be shot to instantly kill any creatures standing beside them.

Once the ambush is over, loot all the bodies and reload your weapons and then scramble up the wall where the last wave of creatures exited. This will lead to an Effigy, which you can pull down before wading through the water.

Find the Silver Box of Ix Chel

In the next chamber, pry loose the debris underwater and exit the water to collect the Resource Container and then ignore the winch and pry through the back wall to find the Relic – Brigittine Rosary. Return to the winch and tether it to the larger wheel and then rotate the wheel until you align the opening underwater.

Swim through the wheel and collect some Salvage on the other side and then hug the right wall to find a small underwater alcove with a Supply Cache. You can now swim toward the surface, collecting another Resource Container in the corner, to continue.

Exit the water and follow the path, cutting the tripwire for a spear trap, and then pull out your guns as your round the corner to shoot an ambusher. After the creature is dead, collect the Document – Journal of T. Serrano 7 on the ground and then jump to a ledge on the opposite wall. From here, shimmy left and side jump to a craggy wall and then rappel down and wall run to safe ground, near the Document – Journal of T. Serrano 6.

You can now collect the Resource Container in the tunnel before jumping to the wall straight ahead and rappelling into the next chamber for a scene.

Open the gate

Search the water for Resource Container x3 and some Salvage as you swim to the other side of the room and then exit the water on the right side to deal with another creature. There”s another Resource Container behind the waterwheel, where you exited the water, and inside the room, where the creature was, there”s another Effigy you can pull down.

Head toward the other side of the western area to deal with two more creatures and then dive into the water on the right to find another Resource Container. Exit the water and head up the stairs to a winch and tether it to the shaft of the right water channel and then turn it all the way to the right.

Head toward the stairs and along the wooden platform, killing another creature, and then jump to the head of the water channel and climb up to the top of the structure. Pry loose the debris blocking the rope-wrapped part of this water channel and kill the creature that attacks and then check the far side of the area for another Resource Container.

Ride the zipline back down to the winch and tether each of the water channels and then turn them until they divert the water onto the waterwheel. You”ll now need to deal with another ambush from the creatures – focus on killing the ones rushing you before worrying about the archers.

Head to the area where you originally climbed out of the water and cross to the central section and then collect the Supply Cache under the main staircase. You can now drop into the water and swim through the rope pulley, which is being spun by the waterwheel.

Once on the eastern side of the chamber, search the water for Resource Container x3 and then exit the water on the northeast side of the area. Straight ahead, pull down the final Effigy and collect another Resource Container and then continue around the corner to find another winch.

You”ll need to deal with a small ambush before you can do anything else, so shoot the archers and creatures rushing up the stairs near the winch. Once you”ve cleared the area, tether the winch to the middle water channel and spin it toward you to raise the water level below.

With the water level raised, jump down into the water and dive down to pry loose the debris at the base of the other water channel and then return to the winch. You”ll be ambushed once again by the strange creatures, so eliminate them and then rotate the water channels once again to power the waterwheel.

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