Enabling Parallel Downloading

If you like downloading a lot of content at once, then you’ll want to enable parallel downloading in Chrome. Type ‘enable-parallel-downloading‘ into your search bar and select Enabled.

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Dark Mode

A dark theme for your web content is always pleasing for the eye, you can add this to your browser by searching for ‘enable-force-dark‘ and selecting Enabled from the dropdown menu.


Network Logging

If you’re a network engineer or need to monitor your network logs for certain traffic, then you’ll want to enable ‘enable-network-logging-to-file‘. Simply type it into the search bar and select Enabled from the dropdown menu.

Ways to Get Deprecated Features

For many, the features offered in previous versions of Chrome were a must-have. If you’re looking for features in the Chrome browser that are no longer supported by Google, then you should check out some of the extensions available in the Chrome store.

Muting Audio Tabs

Muting audio in tabs is a desired feature for those that like to peruse many tabs at once. If you relied on this feature in earlier versions of Chrome, you were probably disappointed to learn that they no longer offer this. Fortunately, a few developers have kept the option available by creating their own versions.

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2 thoughts on “How to Customize Google Chrome With Chrome:flags”

VanguardLH says:
December 10, 2018 at 5:36 pm
With no mention for their version 71, Google has removed the audio icon in a tab functioning as a mute control. chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting was removed. In addition, the chrome://flags/#sound-content-setting defaults to muting by site (for all tabs for the site) when you mute just one tab. Since it is also an experimental flag, it will also disappear someday, so you won’t be able to mute by tab using the right-click context menu but only for an entire site in all tabs that loaded a page from the site. To restore the per-tab muting function, I had to get the Tab Muter extension. I already had to install the Tab Mute extension to address a deficiency in Chrome of allowing sites to blare their loud audio from their auto-playing videos. Google took away the mute action on the audio icon in tab, so I had to install yet another extension.