September 2015 Act Date – Act® Test Dates & Registration 2021

Are wondering about when the ACT had its test dates during the 2015-2016 academic year? Maybe you need to confirm the date you took the you”re just curious, or perhaps you want to know whenACT, Inc. will holdfuture tests. In this article, I’ll give you the ACT test dates for 2015-2016 and explain the factors to think about when selecting your test date.

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ACT Test Dates for 2015-2016

Check out the test dates, registration deadlines, and multiple choice score release dates for 2015-2016. Though the exact dates vary every year, this basic schedule, with dates in September, October, December, February, April, and June, remains the same.

Test Date


Late Deadline

Score Release*

Sept 12, 2015

Aug 7, 2015

Aug 21, 2015

Sept 22-Nov 6, 2015

Oct 24, 2015

Sept 18, 2015

Oct 2, 2015

Nov 10-Dec 28, 2015

Dec 12, 2015

Nov 6, 2015

Nov 20, 2015

Dec 22, 2105-Feb 6, 2016

Feb 6, 2016**

Jan 8, 2016

Jan 15, 2016

Feb 17-Apr 1, 2016

Apr 9, 2016

Mar 4, 2016

Mar 18, 2016

Apr 19-Jun 3, 2016

Jun 11, 2016

May 6, 2016

May 20, 2016

Jun 21-Aug 5, 2016

*= Refers to the period in which multiple choice scores were released. Normally, you”ll get your writing scores about two weeks after you receive your multiple choice scores.

**= No February dates were scheduled in New York.

How to Choose Your Test Date

Now that you have an idea of when the ACT offers testing, here are some of the major factors to consider when picking your ACT test date:

Know Your Deadlines!

The most important thing to remember is to take your ACT before any deadlines. If you apply regular decision, the December test in your senior year will be the last test you can take for most colleges. If you apply early, the last test you can take may be in October or November of your senior year.

Additionally, there are scholarship deadlines. If you want to obtain any scholarships that consider your ACT score, you may need to take your ACT before the scholarship application deadline.


How Many Times Do You Want to Take the ACT?

Most students improve their scores when they retake the ACT, and you should allow yourself an opportunity to take the test multiple times. Generally, we recommend taking the ACT for the first time in the fall of your junior year. Then you can retake it in the spring of your junior year and the fall of your senior year if necessary.

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How Long Do You Plan to Study?

When picking your test date, make sure you have enough time to prepare. Get an idea of how long you’ll need to study and ensure you’ll be able to sufficiently study before you take the test. If you take both the April and June tests without doing any additional preparation in between, your score probably won’t improve much.

Do You Have Conflicts With Any Test Dates?

Check to see if you have any potential conflicts on or around any of the ACT test dates. Maybe the February date is on the same day as your big wrestling tournament. Perhaps you want to avoid the June test date because you’ll be spending most of your waking hours studying for finals. It may be difficult to find a time when you can fully devote yourself to the ACT, but you should try to choose the best test dates for you.


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