Select The Correct Statement Regarding The Stem Cells Of Connective Tissue.

Which of the following is not found in the matrix of cartilage but is in bone?A) blood vesselsB) live cellsC) lacunaeD) organic fibers

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The reason that intervertebral discs exhibit a large amount of tensile strength to absorb shock is because they possess ________.A) elastic fibersB) reticular fibersC) hydroxyapatite crystalsD) collagen fibers
The presence of lacunae, calcium salts, and blood vessels would indicate ________. A) fibrocartilaginous tissueB) cartilage tissueC) areolar tissueD) osseous tissue
Hyaline cartilage is different from elastic or fibrocartilage because ________. A) it is more vascularizedB) fibers are not normally visibleC) it has more elastic fibersD) it contains more nuclei
Epithelial tissue ________. A) contains a number of neuron typesB) has a basement membraneC) is highly vascularizedD) is usually acellular
Which of the following would be of most importance to goblet cells and other glandular epithelium?A) multiple nucleB) Golgi bodiesC) lysosomesD) microvilli
Mammary glands exhibit a glandular type called ________. A) simple alveolarB) compound alveolarC) compound tubularD) simple tubular
Simple columnar epithelium of the digestive tract is characterized by ________. A) dense microvilliB) fibroblastsC) a rich vascular supplyD) cilia
Pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium ________. A) is not an epithelial classificationB) possesses no goblet cellsC) aids in digestionD) lines the respiratory tract
A single-celled layer of epithelium that forms the lining of serous membranes is ________. A) simple transitionalB) simple squamousC) simple cuboidalD) simple columnar
Which statement best describes connective tissue? A) usually contains a large amount of matrixB) usually lines a body cavityC) primarily concerned with secretionD) always arranged in a single layer of cells
Matrix is ________. A) fibers and ground substanceB) composed of all organic compoundsC) ground substance and cellsD) cells and fibers
Cell types likely to be seen in areolar connective tissue include all except: ________. A) chondrocytesB) fibroblastsC) macrophagesD) mast cells

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The tissue type that arises from all three embryonic germ layers is ________. A) epithelial tissue B) connective tissue C) nervous tissue D) muscle tissue
The fiber type that gives connective tissue great tensile strength is ________. A) elastic B) collagen C) reticular D) muscle
Organized groups of cells (plus their intercellular substances) that have a common purpose form a(n) ________. A) organ B) tissue C) organism D) organ system
The shape of the external ear is maintained by ________. A) adipose tissue B) elastic cartilage C) hyaline cartilage D) fibrocartilage
Inability to absorb digested nutrients and secrete mucus might indicate a disorder in which tissue? A) simple squamous B) transitional C) simple columnar D) stratified squamous
Glands, such as the thyroid, that secrete their products directly into the blood rather than through ducts are classified as ________. A) exocrine B) endocrine C) sebaceous D) ceruminous
Which of the following is true about epithelia?A) Endothelium provides a slick surface lining all hollow cardiovascular organs.B) Simple epithelia are commonly found in areas of high abrasion.C) Stratified epithelia are associated with filtration.D) Pseudostratified epithelia are commonly keratinized.
Chondroblasts ________.A) are mature cartilage cells located in spaces called lacunaeB) within the cartilage, divide and secrete new matrixC) never lose their ability to divideD) located deep to the perichondrium divide and secrete new matrix on the internal portions of the cartilage
________ epithelium appears to have two or three layers of cells, but all the cells are in contact with the basement membrane.A) Stratified columnarB) TransitionalC) Stratified cuboidalD) Pseudostratified columnar
A multilayered epithelium with cuboidal basal cells and flat cells at its surface would be classified as ________.A) simple squamousB) transitionalC) simple cuboidalD) stratified squamous
An epithelial membrane ________.A) contains simple or stratified epithelia and a basement membraneB) never contains mucus-forming cellsC) is formed of epithelium and smooth muscleD) usually involves transitional epithelium
Multicellular exocrine glands can be classified ________.A) functionally into merocrine, holocrine, and apocrine divisionsB) functionally into secreting or nonsecreting typesC) structurally into vascular and avascular typesD) structurally into alveolar and acinar types

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Which of the following is true about the mode of secretion of exocrine glands?A) These glands are ductless.B) Apocrine cells are destroyed, then replaced after secretion.C) Holocrine cells are slightly damaged by the secretory process, but repair themselves.D) Merocrine glands are not altered by the secretory process.


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