Tier 1

Objective: find the radio mast

Look roughly for a radio mast, which deserve to be uncovered near the entrance to the Kingsmouth Municipal airport atop a building (805,775).

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Objective: examine the radio mast

Inspect the mast.


Tier 2

Objective: research the serial number

Examine the serial number key on the bottom of the mast.


Objective: resource the components to fix the mast

On the area marked by the map (715,815), uncover the proper items to deal with the radio mast to working condition. There are many items, however only a few are the right ones.


The serial number list the mast as a Manticore product the the Orochi Group.

Go come Orochi-Group.com and also go to the Manticore page, manticore.orochi-group.com. Native there, go to \"Products\" and also input the Serial Number 3881999 in the Product Number search ar to get the product info for the Cyclone collection Mast.


Once having done so, search through the item for what\"s needed.

Look come the product description.

The product summary notes, \"Provisional fix materials: family adhesives, conductors and also amplifiers\"

Collect the following items within and also around the hangar. Every item deserve to be uncovered in at least two various places.

Pick up some duct tape exterior in a box (750,815), inside the building in a box (725,810), or top top a shelf inside (720,800). Duct ice is a family members adhesive.


Take a cable hanger native on optimal of a north barrel (720,815), by the wheel that a plane (735,815), and also on optimal of a box on a shelf (740,800). The cable is metal and also thus conductive.


Find a vacuum pipe from one of two people a crate (725,830) or on optimal of a Pumpomatic T-500 (735,795).


Return to the mast when you have collected the proper components and also interact through the mast to fix it.

Tier 3

Objective: listen for transmissions

Interact v the mast to hear for any type of transmissions that might occur.



Objective: Decipher the coded transmission

Figure out the materials of the transmission and also decode it.

It\"s in code.

The blog post is in morse code, to be precise.

The blog post says:

– . . . – . – – – . – – . / . – . . – – – – . – . . – – . . – – – – . / – – . . . . – – – – . . – – – . . . . . . . . – – – . . . .

Decoded, this equates to:

D R O ns / l O C A T ns O N / 7 1 2 5 3 6

Head come (712,536). 2 mercenaries await.


Tier 4

Objective: open up the crate

Open the crate. Doing so will cause its contents to to explode out and also attack.



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