Last minute flight deals from Seattle to Anchorage International

Feeling spontaneous? It’s never too late to book a pilgrimage. Here’s our pick of the finest last minute flights.

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Direct flights from Seattle to Anchorage International

Want to fly non-sheight to Anchorage International? We’ll assist you find your appropriate course.

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Seattle to Anchorage International: Alteraboriginal routes

Compare courses from Seattle to Anchorage listed below. You may discover an airport to fly right into that's cheaper, faster, or easier than Anchorage Internationwide.

Seattle to Anchorage International: Flight information

The things to know prior to you go.

Cheapest flight found


Typical trip time

3 hrs 43 mins

Cheapest month to fly


Many well-known airline

Alaska Airlines

Flights per week


Time distinction in between Seattle and also Anchorage International

-1 hr(GMT -8)


GuestHouse Inn & Suites Anchorage Inn



Arctic Fox Inn



COVID-19 travel restrictions are altering fast, but we"re below to help you discover the advice you need. Check our live page on take a trip constraints to view if you have the right to take a trip from Seattle to Anchorage International, and also if you"ll have to quarantine on arrival.
The finest price uncovered on for a flight from Seattle to Anchorage Internationwide is $135. This was uncovered by aggregating across various carriers and also is the cheapest price for the entirety month.
If wilderness adventure is your point, you understand that it doesn’t obtain much wilder than Alaska. There are 1,438 miles in between Seattle and Anchorage, and on a straight flight, the pilgrimage takes about three and a fifty percent miles.

Of course, Alaska Airlines is the leader of the fill once it concerns nonsheight organization on this route. They have actually up to 19 flights each day from Seattle-Tacoma International(SEA) and Anchorage’s Ted Stevens Airport(ANC). Delta and also Jetblue likewise both offer straight flights in between these cities.

Making your means to Seattle-Tacoma Internationwide

Even though it is among America’s busiest, this substantial airport is likewise a favorite for many type of travelers. The layout is smart and also the underground human being mover mechanism is fast, which renders it basic to obtain roughly. The airport’s large central terminal has 4 concourses, A, B, C, and also D, and also tright here are 2 satellite terminals, a North and also a South. The amenities below additionally obtain high marks, via totally free WiFi, a generous amount of power points, and also even the occasional live concert. If you’re bringing your pet along for the trip, you have the right to take benefit of numerous pet relief areas.

Getting to SEA by public transport is actually a basic choice, and also extremely affordable. The Link Light Rail connects directly to the airport, running eincredibly 7.5 to 15 minutes in between the hours of 5:00 am and also 1:00 am. If you desire to go even greener (and also don’t have actually too a lot luggage) you have the right to also cycle to the airport, and also there’s plenty of secure bike parking, consisting of indoor and also outdoor options and irreversible storage. For anyone that plans to take a trip with their bike, the dedicated bike assembly/disassembly station will certainly come in handy.

Arriving in Anchorage

It’s not the main resources of Alaska, yet Anchorage is the enormous state’s leading city in many type of means. It’s house to a substantial 40 percent of Alaska’s populace, and acts as the social and financial facility. It’s gained the kinds of framework and attractions you’d intend from any major US city, yet it’s not the reason most world come below.

Surrounding the city are some of the world’s a lot of pristine landscapes that can sfinish true shivers dvery own your spine, even in the summer months. Many type of involved enjoy an “Alaskan Safari” of wildlife-watching, from grizzly bears to rare bird species. Others involved marvel at the north lights on a clear, bitterly cold night in the hills, or to trek throughout the stark beauty of the fjords. The hiking, fishing, skiing and also general adventuring on market right here is prefer nopoint else in the world.

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Let make you trip from Seattle to Anchoragea entirety lot easier. Our complimentary airfare comparichild tool will certainly take all the occupational out of finding the cheapest tickets. Just a couple of clicks and you’re done.