One in this comedy series about Amos Jones and also Andy Brown, two outlandish African-Amerideserve to stereokinds.Kingfish tells Amos and Andy that Sapphire has actually been lacking for 2 days. Amos tries to call her mommy, but she takes the phone off the hook. Andy believes that there is "foul play" at occupational, yet Amos disagrees. On the other hand, Sapphire is at Mama"s place; Mama plans to take Sapphire down to Miami through her for a while in order to convince Kingfish to look for a job. In the interim, Mama has Mr. Davis, a police detective, remain in her apartment.Andy and Kingfish sneak into the apartment at night, prospering after several failed attempts. They become suspicious as soon as they discover several masculine posts around the room. When Mr. Davis returns, they are forced to hide from him in the shower and escape by leaping out the window. Later, they ponder over the identification of the man in Mama"s apartment, and Kingfish sends Lightnin" to investigate better. Lightnin" discovers among Sapphire"s dresses in the trash, partly charred. Kingfish starts to share Andy"s suspicions that the man in Mama"s apartment may have actually murdered Sapphire.Calhoun and also Lightnin" go to the police to indevelop them of Kingfish"s suspicions, however Calhoun"s excessive vehemence gets him locked up. Kingfish and Andy spot Mr. Davis constructing big flowerboxes which they mistake for coffins, furthering their suspicions. They stop through Mr. Davis posing as pollsters, however he quickly slams the door in their encounters. Kingfish, convinced that Sapphire is dead, is at least happy that she has, in his mind, ascfinished to heaven. He receives a speak to from Sapphire, a lot to his surprise. He faints when she tells him she is "dvery own right here," which he incorrectly interprets to suppose she is in hell. Commercials deleted.


NETWORK: CBS DATE: 1953 RUNNING TIME: 0:26:20 COLOR/B&W: B&W CATALOG ID: B:66730 GENRE: Comedy SUBJECT HEADING: African-Amerideserve to Collection - Comedy; Comedy SERIES RUN: CBS - TV series, 1951-1953 COMMERCIALS:


James Fonda … Associate Producer Charles Barton … Director Freemale Gosden … Created by Charles Correll … Created by Joe Connelly … Writer Bob Mosher … Writer Bob Ross … Writer Alvin Childress … Cast, Amos Jones Spencer Williams Jr. … Cast, Anattracted "Andy" Hogg Brvery own Tim Moore … Cast, George "The Kingfish" Stevens Ernestine Wade … Cast, Sapphire Stevens Johnny Lee … Cast, Algonquin J. Calhoun Amanda Randolph … Cast, Ramona "Mama" Smith Nick O"Demus (See also: Nick Stewart) … Cast, Lightnin" Maceo Bruce Sheffield … Cast, Mr. Davis Continue browsing the Collection ➾

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