Ryu Forged In Fire – Ryu Lim: Catching Up With World

Look, I don't know if History Channel execs frequent this subbrianowens.tv to source ideas or to gain feedback but hear me out – we need more Ryu. This man is mysterious, captivating and low-key hilarious. He sounds like Johnny Depp. He has one-liners for days. Bring him back as much as possible.

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I'm with you, bro, Ryu was hilarious, and oddly inventive. Loved his eye protection and respirator.

Haven't seen the episode but anyone who brags about killing any animal is a fucking psychopath.

I was under the impression that he's doing a character to some degree? like a professional wrestler.

I felt the exact same way about the guy, he comes off unstable. But I will say I’m impressed by what he can do with his home forge set up.

He's like the human version of a gas station knife, as I've heard people say on brianowens.tv. His whole personality was so ridiculously macho cringy, and his forging wasn't all that impressive to me.

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I know this thread is dead but it's so weird I just saw this. I literally just found this sub after binging this show and looking on brianowens.tv to figure out how the hell this guy gets past the first round let alone the final. It's like they treat him with kid gloves for some reason. His blades are aweful and hes kind of weird. Much respect to him tho for doing work at his home forge, that is some guerilla blacksmithing.

Wow – reading the comments to this makes me quite sad.

He went on TV for our pleasure, and you reward him with trash talk? I'm sure that would scare of future contestants to see such toxic and childish behavior.

Don't hurt our beloved show or our fine art with your immature comments please. You are of course free to think whatever you want about anyone, but don't shout it all over the internet.

Saying that someone seems unstable because they bragged about wrestling and killing a shark with a knife is not off base. And neither is it unfair to say that he is full of himself. I’ve said on this sub a few times that it always amazes me what he is able to accomplish with what he has at his disposal, I respect that and even admire it. But the other qualities he chose to put out on national tv weren’t to groovy.

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I don’t understand why some get upset that others choose to criticize television hosts/contestants/actors/etc. in online forums. Isn’t….that what this sub is for?

Who cares how Ryu or other contestants feel about it. Don’t like it? Don’t go on TV. Thems the breaks, kid. Ryu (and others) chose to go on television and put themselves in front of millions of viewers.


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