Rich Homie Quan has actually yet to climb back to the heights that his stellar 2014-2015 but the may have turned things roughly with his recent signing to Motown documents in so late February.

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As pan of the Atlanta rapper suspect the release of his major label debut, wealthy Homie is getting ago to the fundamentals with Back to The Basics.

It would certainly be his first body of work released since 2015’s ABTA. The 11-track project features several formerly released singles including “Replay,” “Da Streets” and “Heart Cold.” maintaining things mostly on himself, Cyko is the just featured guest ~ above the project.

Rich Homie Quan’s Back come The Basics stream, cover art and tracklist space below.


1. Never ever Made It

2. Love Cold

3. Ago End

4. Lord Forgive Me

5. Gamble

6. Indigenous of Mouth

7. Da Streetz

8. Money Fold

9. Replay

10. For sure (feat. Cyko)

11. Str8

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