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No society that we know of has lived without some form of art. The impulse and respond of art appears to have the ability to.

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Paleothic Period

Radiocarbon testing indicates that the earliest images made by humans back to the.

Anthony Caro

All art is basically Paleothic or Neolithic: either the urge to smear soot and grease on cave walls or pile stone on.


The 10th century copper sculpture illustrated in this chapter is the work on an artist performing the role of “giving tar unknown”. The unknown in this case physical form of the deity

The Starry Night

Although Vincent Van Gogh suffered emotionally throughout his life, he was able to give his emotions tangible from.

Audrey Flack

The Wheel of Fortune was created by

All of these

Theo Van Gogh was Vincent Van Gogh’s

All these answers are correct

Van Gogh’s paintings are high of value because

All these answers are correct

The field of philosophy called aesthetics ask the question

Claude Monet

Fishermans Cottage on the Cliffs at Varengeville was painted by

All these answers are correct

What term describes work by nonprofessionals


To discover why the sculpture of the Amida Nyorai depicted the subject with elongated, specific hand gestures head requires the use of

Visual characteristic

The term style is used to categorize a work of art is

The artist and audience

Our modern ideas about art carry with them ideas about

Were felt to provide pleasure

During the 18th century, beauty and art were discussed together because both


Is the name for a standard subject in Christan art, that of Mary, the mother of Jesus, holding her son after the cross


If a work of art is faithful to our visual experience, it’s style is


When discussing size, shape, material, color, and composition of a work of art, we are discussing its

Painting, sculpture, and architecture

During the Renaissance in Western Europe, ____ came to be regarded as the more elevated of arts.

They still debate the works iconography

After much study of the Arnolfini Double Portrait, experts agree that

All these answers are correct

Context is a factor that ties that bind a work of art to the


Ann Hamilton’s Mantle is an example of

All these answers are correct

Representational art with an approach to naturalism covers

They share the same iconography

Cimabues Madonna enthroned and Rathnasambhava, the transcendent Buddha of the south are similar in all these


Whereas the Christan image by Cimabue depicts the central figure surrounded by angels, the Buddhist image in the central figure surrounded by


The pyramids of Giza in Egypt where built as


The ____ often created equestrian statues of their emperors

The Spanish pavilion Paris world fair

Pablo Picasso painted Guernica in 1937 for


Which of the visual elements can best be described as ” the path of a moving point”?


During the 20th Century, which of the following became a recognized element of art

All these answers are correct

Lines are used in art to indicate


In art, shapes that suggest forms found in nature are called ___ shapes.

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Raphael’s The Madonna of the Meadows is composed using the implied shape of a

Position and over lap

The 18th century Indian painting of Maharana Amar Singh and others watching musicians and acrobats utilizes the cues for implying depth on a flat surface. They are


A black and white photograph of a scene eliminates the hues and intensifies of the scenes color

Outlines, contour lines

In drawing, the outer boundaries of two dimensional forms are defined by ____


In painting and drawing, artists often use the the technique of___ to describe the way shadows and light define.


Charles White’s Untitled illustrates the technique of

James Turrell

Which artist uses light itself as the main material and whose work increases our awareness of light as a presence?


In the additive process of color mixing, red light, green light, and blue light, combine to produce ____ light.


Mixing two primary colors produces a _____ color.

Seemed to calm and relax violent children in studies of colors effects upon the mind and body

“Passive pink” refers to the color that


A necessary feature of pattern is

All of these: at the exact center of the picture, just behind the head of the figure of Jesus

The vanishing point in Leonardo de Vinic’s The Last Supper

All these answers are correct

One common issue facing those who work to conserve work of art is


In Albrecht Durer’s woodcut The Draftman Drawing a Reclining Nude, the draftsman is using a device to help him

The Rocky Mountains, Landers Peak by Albert Bierstadt

The use of atmospheric perspective is a prominent aspect of which work?


Artist can portray ____ textures that are created to look like something often than a flat painted surface.

Disturbing visual weight accordingly

In a two dimensional work with asymmetrical balance, the appearance of balance is achieved by


Rather than depend solely upon visual unity, an artist will sometimes create ____ unity the ideas.

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Along the vertical axis down the center of the composition

In a two dimensional work of art is balanced symmetrically, the implied center of gravity is:


The thirteen- diety Jnanadakini Mandala uses ____ to suggest that there is a hidden order to the universe.

Conceptual unity

Annette Messager’s Mes Voeux and Joseph Cornell’s The Hotel Eden both demonstrate the use of:

Squared grid

The ancient Egyptians developed a standard set of proportions used to create images of the “correct” or “perfect”

Symmetrical balance

Georgia O’Keeffe’s painting Deers Skull with Pedermal is a prime example of:


Pablo Picassos Girl before a mirror explores the traditional theme of:

Order and authority

Symmetrical balance, as used by Georgia O’Keeffe, expresses:

Informal balance

Another term for asymmetrical balance is

All of these answers correct

In art, the design principle of balance functions to:

All of these answers correct

Henry Ossawa Tanner The Banjo Lesson creates emphasis through:


Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen created shock value through use of:

A royal altar to the hand

Which word of art uses hierarchical scale?

The circle and square

The ancient Roman Architect Vitruvius associated the perfected male form with the perfect


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