Remington unveiled the Model 700 in 1962 (although the mass of the architecture occupational was done in the "40s with the 721 and also 722 series rifles), and it has been making them ever since. The Remington 700 is popular for a lot of factors, chief among them being the performance offered for the price. Tright here have been the majority of Remington Model 700 variants over the years, however the one in current manufacturing that is my clear favorite is the Remington Model 700 Long Range chambered in .30-06.

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I"m not a substantial fan of injection-molded polymer stocks. They"re absolutely crucial to carry the price of a solid bolt-activity rifle down to the $400 mark, but they have actually a tough time ensuring that the barrel stays cost-free floating, they permit even more action movement under recoil, and they don"t really accommodate afterindustry bottom steel and today"s standardized detachable box magazines.

The comb on this Bell & Carlkid stock is as high as it have the right to be without interfering through bolt take a trip. High combs normally make for a much better cheekweld.

The Long Range Remington Model 700 comes just in a long activity and has a Bell & Carlboy M40 tactical stock, although it"s not really tactical; it"s simply a beefy searching stock through a slightly square forend that rides bags and various other supports well. The comb is as high as Remington have the right to make it without interfering via bolt take a trip, so we have actually our ideal possibility of getting a continual cheekweld via this version without adding the weight and cost of an adjusecure cheekpiece.

Dual sling-swivel studs are intended for placing a bipod on the front and also a sling on the ago.

This subtle information is a critical one for helping us acquire maximum accuracy out of our rifle. Without continuous head placement on the stock, our accuracy dequalities. If we require a tiny more comb elevation, tright here are a variety of different stock packs that deserve to be accommodated with negligible expense.

The floorplate on this 700 swings out of the method, making unloading in the field or on the variety a breeze.

In enhancement to the well-apportioned dimension of the stock, it also has an aluminum bedding block that offers an extremely stable foundation for the activity. The bedding block runs from underneath the chamber to the ago tang and is surrounded by fiberglass. It puts a solid chunk of aluminum in between the activity and also the triggerguard. This renders it incredibly challenging for the action to relocate under recoil and, as soon as torqued into location, minimizes point-of-influence shifts that deserve to outcome once a rifle is roughly tackled.

The integral aluminum bedding block in this Bell & Carlchild stock provides the stable structure that any type of precision rifle requirements.

The 26-inch barrel on the Long Range Remington Model 700 is Remington"s varmint contour that handles heat much much better than lighter, traditional hunting-barrel contours. Should we ever before want to dabble in long-range shooting wright here we could must fire even more than three rounds eextremely few minutes, this heavier barrel will certainly be inhelpful. The 26-inch length additionally provides great usage of all the powder in the cartridge case, even if we gain one chambered in the significant magnums.

The 700 Long Range features Remington"s X-Mark Pro create as traditional devices. It"s factory set to a 3 ½-pound pull weight and also affords 2 pounds of variety adjustment.

The best component about the Long Range model is that many of the big outdoor retailers bring them for less than $700. That"s for a long-activity Remington Model 700 through a premium fiberglass stock that won"t have to be reput even if we favor to shoot our rifle for hours at a time. The heavy barrel is also up to the task of extended variety sessions ringing steel as much out as we have the right to check out it. When we look at what"s being offered and also what we"re asked to pay, this version conveniently provides us the a lot of bang for our buck.

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It comes chambered in .25-"06, .30-"06 (one of my favorites), 7mm Remington Magnum, .300 Winchester Magnum and also .300 Remington Ultra Magnum. Each rifle weighs 9 pounds, so they might not be the best option if we arrangement on climbing up a mountain. That weight provides the Remington Model 700 even more pleasant to shoot, though.


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