This was the initially single off the album. It didn"t chart, yet the album was the first by R.E.M. to chart in the UK.

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This was affected by Soul records R.E.M. listened to. The band approached the song as a "tongue-in-cheek tribute" because they were a bunch of white guys trying, yet failing, to emulate their babsence Soul idols. Instead, they wound up via their very own unique sound.
Lead singer Michael Stipe refers in the lyrics to "Brvarious other Ray." This is many most likely pianist Ray Charles.
This was never intfinished to be consisted of on a document. When they played it at some surpincrease gigs in their hometown of Athens, Georgia, the crowds loved it, so they recorded it.
Philomath is a tvery own described in the lyrics as a location gone to for impetus. It is a real tvery own in Georgia, eastern of Atlanta, however Stipe clintends he"s never been there. He picked it bereason it was "fictional-sounding."
Aget with the Soul motif, Stipe screams at a number of points, "Gentlemen testify!" This is a phrase regularly heard in black churches.
The line, "Lawyer Jeff he knows the lowdown" describes previous R.E.M. manager Jefferson Holt, who was fired following allegations of sexual harassment.
The music video, directed by Michael Stipe and Rick Aguar, reflects the men at a drive-in theater, juxtaposed via imperiods of them running and also tumbling via a nation field and also perdeveloping in silhouette. "We supplied the new-to-us "blue screen" process," Peter Buck told MTV UK in 2001. "So we have actually dinosaurs and monsters in the background. It"s most likely the many humorous video we"ve ever done. For a band that"s type of listed for not having a sense of humor, I sort of enjoy that element of it."
This song title sometimes shows up without an apostrophe, a punctuation mark the band regularly eschews.

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Spoke from AtlantaLawyer Jeff is NOT Jefferkid Holt. Lawyer Jeff is attorney Jeff Gilley, a frifinish of the band also. (He is attributed on the Reckoning album as "Interloper.") Juan from Sacramento, CaIn this youtube video from October 2, 1985 it is indeed Michael Stipe singing the song "Can"t Get Tbelow From Here".Andrei from Chicback, IlAccording to book "R.E.M. Inside Out" the falcetto IS from Michael Stipe. And that"s what he said: "I identified that I had all these various voices in me, and also maybe one of the initially songs I tried using more than one oÃ? 2 of those voices at a time was on "Can"t Get Tright here From Here"."Holly from Nottingham, EnglandI remember analysis they created it as a joke about the fact that someone they kbrand-new (Bertis Downs maybe), once asked for directions anywhere, would certainly say "You can not gain tright here from below."Terry from Ocean Springs, Ms"Lawyer Jeff" is REM friend, Jefferboy Holt, that is additionally stated in the Reckoning album"s song "Little America" as soon as Stipe sings "Jefferchild, I think we"re lost." Anymeans, I think that"s ideal.Bob from Apple Valley, MnThe falsetto is from Mike Mills, not Michael Stipe.see even more comments
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