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Thturbulent the mirror of my mindTime after timeI watch reflections of you and also meReflections ofThe method life provided to beReflections ofThe love you took from meOh, I'm all alone nowNo love to shield meTrapped in a people that'sA distorted realityPleasure you took from meAnd left me alone, ahWith only memoriesThturbulent the mirror of my mindThturbulent these tears that I'm cryingReflects a hurt I can't control'Causage although you're goneI save holdin' onTo the happy timesOh, as soon as you were mine
As I peer through the windowOf shed timeLooking over my yesterdaysAnd all the love I offered all in vain(All the love) All the loveThat I've wasted(All the tears) All the tearsThat I've tastedAll in vainThturbulent the hollow of my tearsI check out a dream that's lostFrom the hurtThat you have actually causedEverywbelow I turnSeems favor everything I seeReflects the love that supplied to beIn you I putAll my faith and trustRight before my eyesMy human being has turned to dustAfter all the nightsI sat alone and also weptJust a handful of promisesAre all that's left of loving you
Reflections ofThe means life offered to beReflections ofThe love you took from meIn you I putAll my confidence and also trustRight before my eyesMy world has turned to dust
Songwriter/producer Lamont Dozier composed this around this song:

When we started out at Motown tbelow was so much promise. Miracles were realized, love was excellent, however then it went negative. Disenchantment spoiled the dream. Memories are currently all that’s left. We tried so many kind of distinctive instrumental and vocal sounds to expush what we were all feeling. ‘Reflections" is just one of those songs that cries out loud, "what if?“ And then a flood of wishing and also hoping and also should"ves and also could"ves begin to fill the mind that wanders and also wonders what went wrong at such a magical time. But still the songs live on. Tright here is no escaping it, love is constantly prefer that.


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