After years of problem, the Allies are ultimately on the brink of victory. Cowering behind the walls of the Kremlin, the Soviets decide to rotate to one last act of desperation - the use of an experimental time take a trip tool. The mission: to go earlier in time to get rid of Albert Einstein prior to he creates the technologies that will lead the Allies to ultimate victory.After a effective mission, the Soviets return to the current and also find the Allied position weakened. But before they have the right to truly celebprice, they uncover out their actions have spawned a new risk and global superpower: the mysterious, technologically-progressed Empire of the Rising Sun. Welcome to World War III.

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Final Battle beta 0.1Sep 1 2021Singleplayer Map

The first version of the last map, you can play for any type of faction! And also your ally can be a live player ____ Первая версия финальной...


Port AricaAug 21 2021Multiplayer Map 4 comments

Tried to duplicate a map from battlefield poor agency 2


World Battle FinalJul 12 2021Multiplayer Map 2 comments

Hello everyone! I have lastly finished this map and also I hasten to please you with a thorough map! I"ve been sweating over her given that April! Finally! I finished...


Upclimbing Multiplayer Maps And Premier Edition MapsJun 15 2021Multiplayer Map 1 comment

This file has all of the Uprising Skirmish Maps , and the Premier Edition Bonus maps


MBT MadnessJun 3 2021Multiplayer Map

This map is for 6 players (3vs3) MBT is literally means "Key Battle Tank" so in this map, you should use only fight tanks as a combat unit here. because...

Epic Sandy SeaMay 31 2021Multiplayer Map

This Map is for 6 players (3vs3), This map is a water (ocean) so they largely have to emphasis on navy and air forces. each players start with four ore nodes...

Adventure Island v3May 28 2021Multiplayer Map

### HOW TO INSTAL ###Unpack "AdventureMapv3" folder from archive right into this directory:C:UsersYOUR-USER-NAMEAppDataRoamingRed Alert 3Maps

Red Alert 3 | Duel map for 6 playersJun 20 2021Multiplayer Map

Map which split to 3 arenas. On every arena fighting 2 players. When 2 arenas finish their duels, last arena will acquire time limit. All arenas are the...

Adundertaking Island v2.1May 23 2021Multiplayer Map

### HOW TO INSTAL ###Unpack "AdventureMapv21" folder from archive into this directory:C:UsersYOUR-USER-NAMEAppDataRoamingRed Alert 3Maps

Adundertaking Island MapMay 20 2021Multiplayer Map

### HOW TO INSTAL ###Unfill "AdventureMap" folder from archive right into this directory:C:UsersYOUR-USER-NAMEAppDataRoamingRed Alert 3Maps

World_BattlefieldMay 6 2021Multiplayer Map

This is a reoperated old map. With noticeable transforms. But she"s not totally all set yet. It remains to include the Alps and also reoccupational the Soviet zone.

World BattleApr 12 2021Multiplayer Map 6 comments

My map. Which I blew for a week. For the original. Because via the mod, the game pours out (

Involution MOD 3.3.14Dec 5 2020Multiplayer Map

This is a land also tower defense map specially designed for mods. After many type of tests, it have the right to run a lot of mods usually. The challenge of this map is relatively...

Involution 2.8.9Nov 26 2020Multiplayer Map

Rerelocate the magnetic obstacle, I discovered that the magnetic obstacle prevented the player from attacking, rerelocated it, and optimized the area of the building...

Involution infinty 3.4Nov 26 2020Multiplayer Map

The magnetic obstacle is semi-enclosed. I opened up the magnetic obstacle so that the player’s armor deserve to pass through that gap. I wish you all a happy game.

Involution infinty 2.91Nov 26 2020Multiplayer Map

The magnetic obstacle is entirely enclosed. I jumped the birtharea of the computer force and put it in front of the magnetic barrier, which can straight...

Involution infinty 2.2 and also 2.2xNov 26 2020Multiplayer Map

The magnetic obstacle is totally enclosed. I added a magnetic barrier across the map in Involution, so that just infanattempt and emperor mecha deserve to pass. I wish...

Involution 1.9Nov 26 2020Multiplayer Map

I feel that the tower defense map via as well huge map is not exciting. I decided to make an extremely small tower defense map through limitless money and all super...

basic of superweapon 1.2Nov 26 2020Multiplayer Map

Limitless money tower defense, the angry super army general, when he starts to strike, launch super tools as soon as a minute. When the game is won, tbelow...

BOOM of YTY 1.5Nov 26 2020Multiplayer Map

Countless money tower defense, the previous RUSH OF KMT is too challenging to pass the level, and also the MiG army is almost invincible. I chose to come up...

RUSH of KMT 1.7Nov 26 2020Multiplayer Map

It is simple for players to sindicate create KIROV, so I determined to add MiGs and also fine-tuned other naval units. This is a naval battle map. The MCV and also base...

rush of tengu 1.1Nov 26 2020Multiplayer Map

In the previous boundless money map, because players can simply create KIROV, I made a decision to restrict kirov, however not via innovation locking. I don’t...

Washington of Liberty 2.99Nov 10 2020Multiplayer Map

You deserve to win the game as lengthy as you tear down 2 purposes. This variation is adapted for online games, bereason many kind of people"s computer configurations cannot...

Washington of Liberty 1 .5Nov 8 2020Multiplayer Map

Tbelow is an extremely long bridge in the middle of the map. This is a more tough map. You have the right to win the game by damaging the enemy"s super weapons. Why...

Thermopylae-super-editionNov 6 2020Multiplayer Map

After careful alteration, I made a decision to make this map more versatile. Most of the mods will certainly not crash. There are 2 maps in the map package, one of...

SIMPLE pradeOct 16 2020Singleplayer Map

Tbelow will certainly be an boundless loop of neutral and hostile troops in the middle of the map. As long as you don’t provoke him, nothing will occur, however it...

C&C: Red Alert 3 v1.12 English Language PackSep 25 2020GUIs 2 comments

English language fill for Red Alert 3. Read complete summary for even more details. Install, collection your language via the installer or through the game"s -ui parameter...

C&C Red Alert 3 212 MapsJul 27 2020Multiplayer Map

this is a little map load, over the years of playing ra3 so i would prefer you share them via you all much love and also have actually fun

C&C: Red Alert 3 v1.12 Russian Language Pack (W/ Mismatched Voiceovers Fix)Sep 25 2020GUIs 1 comment

Unmain Russian language fill for Red Alert 3. Read full summary for even more information. Install, set your language by means of the installer or with the game"s...

C&C: Red Alert 3 v1.12 Russian Language PackSep 25 2020GUIs 1 comment

Russian language fill for Red Alert 3. Read full summary for even more information. Install, collection your language through the installer or through the game"s -ui parameter...

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