Ready Or Not I Ll Give You Everything, After 7 Ready Or Not Virgin Records (1990)

About Ready or Not

“Ready or Not” is a song performed by After 7, issued as the third single from the group”s eponymous debut album. In 1989, the song became the first #1 R&B single for the group. It was also the group”s first top ten pop single, peaking at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100. R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan”s song “Let It Burn” heavily resembles the rhythm of this song since her single employs the sample.

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“Ready or Not” was certified Gold by the RIAA on August 14, 1990.

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I”ll give you the sunThe rain, the moonThe stars and the mountainsI”ll give you the worldAnd all that you wish forAnd even moreGirl I love you more than you could knowAnd that”s for sureI”d climb the highest hill”Cross the widest seaNothin” could discourage meAnd I pray that you”ll beAlways there for me, forever more, ohReady or notI”ll give you everythingAnd moreAll that I”ve got Is yoursI”ll give you everythingAll that you”re looking forI”ll give you my heartMy soul, my timeMy love is a fountainI will be your earth, oohAnd all that you need forAnd even more”Cause girl I love you more than words can showMy love is pureI”ll walk a thousand milesSail a thousand seasNothin” will discourage meAnd I pray that you will beAlways be there for me, forever moreReady or not(Don”t you know, don”t you know? You should know)I”ll give you everything (ooh) and more(I”ll give you more, you got to know it baby)All that I”ve got(Baby, it”s yours little girl)I”ll give you everything (every little thing)All that you”re looking forWhoa, everything is not anythingIf you”re not here to share my dreamsYou don”t know what it means to meIf you”ll accept my loveOoh I dedicate my love, my soulMy heart beats for youGirl I can”t get enough so I”ll wait for your loveThere”s nothin that I”d rather do, ohReady or not (I”ll)I”ll give you everything (ooh lady) and moreI”ll give you more you got to know it, babyAll that I”ve gotHey it”s yours (anything you want, anything you need baby just say)I”ll give you everything (tt”s yours, ohhh)All that you”re looking forReady or notOhh babyI”ll give you everythingI”m gonna give ya, I”m gonna give you some more)And more(Every little thing that I got)All that I”ve got(Hey, is yours)I”ll give you everything (every little thing, baby)All that you”re looking for, ohhReady or not(Don”t you know, don”t you know, you should know)I”ll give you everything and more

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After 7 After 7 is an R&B group founded in 1988 by brothers Melvin and Kevon Edmonds, and Keith Mitchell. The Edmonds brothers are the siblings of popular pop and R&B singer-songwriter-producer Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds” (Melvin is older, and Kevon – born Kevin – is younger). Mitchell was long thought to be the cousin of Babyface”s then-partner, songwriter-producer Antonio “L.A.” Reid, however, this was actually set up as a marketing tool for the group and was actually incorrect. more »


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