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The switch shows the Pi is connected, but the arp-scan from my desktop shows only the router, nothing else. Has the Ethernet of the Raspberry Pi failed to start correctly? Is there a configuration to turn on DHCP client of Raspberry Pi?I will need to get a monitor I need to log in locally.

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Sort of multiple questions there, so multiple answers…

To find the Pi on the network, you could try Advanced IP Scannerwhich has always worked for me to find the IP address across the network.

Making the Pi appear on the network for Windows machines to see in the Network view in Explorer is done through a package called “samba” that can be installed on the Pi (sudo apt-get install samba).

Probably the most important bit:In terms of the dhcp client, this should already be automatically ON on the Pi. Can you do “ifconfig” and paste the output here so we can see if the Pi actually has an IP address or not?



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As someone who found this page looking for answers to my own issue, my solution was that my Pi had the same IP as another machine on the network. I manually set the ip of my Pi by opening my ip config with sudo nano /etc/dhcpcd.conf then, after all the existing bits I made the end where you set your ip be :

interface eth0static ip_address= routers= domain_name_servers= wlan0static ip_address= routers= domain_name_servers=


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