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“I”ll Be Around” is the second single released from Rappin” 4-Tay”s second album, Don”t Fight the Feelin”. The song both sampled the music and retained the original chorus of The Spinners” song of the same name, though Rappin” 4-Tay replaced the song”s original brianowens.tv with his own. The Spinners were credited as featured artists and songwriters Thom Bell and Phil Hurtt were both given writing credits. The song became 4-Tay”s second consecutive Top 40 single, peaking at #39 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #5 on the Hot Rap Singles, becoming his biggest hit on that chart.

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It also made #30 on the UK Singles Chart. The single became The Spinners” last Top 40 hit in both the US and UK, some 34 years after their first, 1961″s “That”s What Girls Are Made For”.more »

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Ragtop records, may I help youCan I speak to FoOne moment please, he”s aroundYo, wassupWassup, Fo, I know you finished that cut for the radioAs a matter of fact Fly I just finished it baby boy No worry about nothin”, I”ll be aroundRegardless if I”m chillin” backstage or on tourWith my homie Young Fly even Al B. sureNever hesitate to call me after I”m doneCause homie I”m real and always true to my loved onesToo many wakes and funerals full of tearsYou say there”s something on your mind, well hey, I”m all earsCause ain”t nobody thinking about the funk that you”re choosin” itA lot of my homies stuck in the pen for life or losin” itCall up your folks you keep thinkin” about homeRecorder keeps a peep and there”s a block on the phoneAnd all of this is enough to make a brother”s nerves badReminds me of a situation that I once hadSpent that, spent this endless relentless tremendous women on my jockAnd don”t nobody mind their businessHe say she say throwin” salt about itAnd chooses to talk about you cause there”s no one else to talk aboutTalk about the show and the flow and all the cloutThen be real with yourself and talk about and turned it outIt”s not hard to compete when his name is poppin”A scared man can never win that”s why I stay clockin”Fools be huffin” and puffin” don”t wanna see me about nothin” I”m downAnd if you ever need me Fly, I”ll be aroundWhenever you call me, I”ll be thereWhenever you call me, I”ll be thereWhenever you call me, I”ll be thereI”ll be aroundLife ain”t based on peaches and creamThis new generation lost a whole lot of dreamsFuture doctors, producers, and mothersThe list goes on but now we killin” our brothersAnd if we killin” our brothers that means we killin” our own kindThese kids is watchin” now it goes to their mindRattatatat cause you got a gatThen they want a gat you livin” like thatMoms ain”t cookin” she worked the week straightIf anything she”s the one deserves a hot plateThe ghetto, the ghetto ain”t nothin” to dream aboutTryin” to get out now that”s somethin” to think aboutFools might disagree but I”m a stay sucka freeNow I”m so black and so strong they can”t fade meBlacks are blacks worst enemy there”s still no remedyYou got me for a grip do you call yourself kin of meJealousy, envy, I see it in your eyesTell me what”s wrong with seeing a black man riseI keep it funky it”s pretty hard to miss it now it is not explicitA message for the mind, and a moral for statisticsSo I”m doin” what we call a roll callTalkin” about the ones who won”t rap then take a downfallI spit the street life and then I go undergroundYou silly, it”s called versatility and I”ll be aroundWhenever you call me, I”ll be thereWhenever you call me, I”ll be thereWhenever you call me, I”ll be thereI”ll be aroundThings are gettin” crucial you gotta exercise your mindOr learn about life before you”re left behindBut how you gonna get it right when you”re not doin” rightWhen you get mad all you want is a gunfightThis tension causes a gang of madnessNow you want funk that results to sadnessSadness results to a lot of revengeAnd your so called friends really ain”t your friendsSo how do you know who you”re able to trustIf you think about the past look what happened to usI never trust no one, I only trust myselfOr I would”ve been a victim like everyone elseIn friendship or hardship whenever you need meJust give me a call G I won”t deceive theeThese fools be shakin” best believe they”re fakin”Just tryin” to get a grip of all the money you”re makin”This ain”t race a mind is a terrible thing to wasteI drop the rap and J drops the bassTo the flow cause ain”t nobody get with FoI”m a down young brother comin” straight outta FriscoDroppin” a message out of love to your townLove your brothers and sisters and I”ll be aroundWhenever you call me, I”ll be thereWhenever you call me, I”ll be thereWhenever you call me, I”ll be thereI”ll be around

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Rappin” 4-Tay Anthony Forté (born March 2, 1968), better known by his stage name Rappin” 4-Tay, is an American rapper from the Fillmore District of San Francisco, California. more »


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