Filled with damaged windows, frozen smiles and also a pale dead moon, this is among the an ext dispiriting Randy Newman songs. Newman have the right to conjure increase just about any emotion for a song, for this reason they don"t reflect his mental or emotional state. Looking ago on the monitor in a 2017 interview v Rolling Stone, he expressed part regrets over the lyric.

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"The music is emotional - also beautiful - and the lyrics are not," that said. "The ethical truth is the song bothered me due to the fact that of the darkness - the felt sophomoric, also maudlin."
Judy Collins, Bobby Darin, rick Nelson, Dusty Springfield, Claudine Longet, Peggy Lee, Neil Diamond and Nina Simone are among the countless artists come cover this song. Barbra Streisand recorded it in 1970 for she album Stoney End
, yet it didn"t make the cut. This outtake, with Newman top top piano, was finally released in 2012 top top Streisand"s album Release Me.

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Gw from Los AngelesRe: ns think that going come rain today. Discovered and intrigued by the Neil Diamond cut. I’ve always wanted to know what the reference was? Love the song! see an ext comments
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