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Artist Rammstein
16 October 2009
3.22 / 5.00.5 from 2,780 ratings
#885 for 2009
male vocals, heavy, sexual, aggressive, angry, rhythmic, dark, energetic, sombre, love, violence, hedonistic, sensual, passionate



Tom van Heesch assistant engineerMichael Scully assistant engineerScott Church assistant engineerRossi Rossberg drum technicianKonzertchor Dresden choirJörg Genslein conductorEugenio Recuenco photographyEmanuel Fialik managerPilgrim Management manager

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Nebel92 Jun 09 2011 4.00 stars
This one goes a bit back-to-the-roots of Rammsteins earlier releases.It is a perfect mixture of deep, thoughtful and intelligent songs, and simpler ones, always with great instrumental work, emotional and/or fit for a good singalong, dance or moshpit.
wyattte Apr 07 2010 4.00 stars
“RRRAMM……….SSSTEIIIIN.”Just that bellow alone, from “Rammleid,” tells you all you need to know. The band are rumored to not have been too fond of 2005's _Rosenrot,_ and indeed, its release got a mixed reaction and only the single “Benzin” has had representation live. But we're just one song into _Liebe Ist Für Alle Da_ and we're putting that all in the past so Rammstein can kick your ass again. “Rammleid” is self-aggrandizing, pompous, basic and loud. And it's awesomesauce. The band labored three long years to make this one a total monster, and tensions ran high, but it worked out – at best, this son of a bitch could move tectonic plates. At worst – the bonus tracks on the Deluxe edition get a bit too generic to catch hold – the band gives it everything they've got with a fervor you have to sit back and admire. After all, this album presented Rammstein's one and only lineup still together after over 15 years; still committed to pounding those big riffs into your head like the loudest clawhammer in the universe. The band have finally opted to let their sound develop naturally over the years without pushing things too hard, which is a good plan after the stumble that was _Rosenrot._ So the riffs, electronic elements (we love ya Flake), and arrangements are slowly but surely evolving over time. It's still Rammstein, though, so plenty of the stuff on _Liebe Ist Für Alle Da_ is predictable and simple. But then again, _it's still Rammstein,_ so when you know a big riff's around the corner, it still rocks your socks when it happens. Highlights: “Ich Tu Dir Weh” opens with a quiet synth riff that kind of sounds like a Tears for Fears sample, with a thick coat of effects added so it only makes the oncoming onslaught that much heavier. “Pussy” is loud, over-the-top, juvenile and just so incredibly stupid, and filled with bad English lyrics about the gateway to her guts, but you have to hand it to the band for not taking themselves so seriously that they sound rigid. And even with highlights aside, the album has good momentum to it, even in the ballads like “Frühling in Paris” and “Roter Sand” the latter of which ends the album on a bit of an anticlimactic note. Both are great reminders that Till Lindemann can really put that deep voice to good use. And don't worry, when it gets heavy, Till can still… well, Till is awesome. Period._ Liebe Ist Für Alle Da_ is at least as good as _Reise, Reise,_ even if it's not as potent overall as the classic _Mutter._ It's just what the band needed to do at this point; namely a good shot of adrenaline and a consolidation of strengths. It's not perfect, but they're definitely back on track. Plus, compare this with 1995's _Herzeleid_ and see if you think they're still doing the same old thing.

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It was about time. I have been waiting for the new Rammstein album for almost exactly four years already. And not in vain, I'm happy to say. Very easily Liebe ist für alle da is a top 10 album of the year. Could it be a top 3 album? The near future will tell.If you have loved Rammstein in the past, you'll love Liebe ist für alle da as well, because nothing has changed. Till Lindemann is more Till Lindemann than ever before, the German language is just wonderful to listen to, the lyrics are very good, the guitar riffs steamroll everything on their way, the synthesizers are the best on any Rammstein album so far and the melodies are just as catchy as one can expect from these happy fellows.”Rammlied” is one of the most bombastic songs on the album and a great choice for the album opener. The synthesizers are super-duper excellent. “RAMM! STEIN!”“Ich tu dir weh” is one of the least good songs on the album, but fortunately in this case “one of the least good” equals to “excellent”.The biggest surprise of the album comes in form of the intro of “Waidmanns Heil”. Epic, symphonic hero metal style horns. Goddamn I love this band and their ability to constantly surprise. Without going any deeper into details I have to say that “Waidmanns Heil” is one of my favorite songs of 2009.”Haifisch” is a bit different Rammstein song, since it has clear influences of 80's Depeche Mode. The drum beat is unusual and there are Spaghetti Western guitars and those horns again. Different or not, but a perfect song with a very catchy refrain.”B********” is a bit too aggressive for me and clearly my least favorite song of the album. I like it, but not nearly as much as the rest of the album.After my least favorite song comes one of the standout songs, “Frühling in Paris”. The contrast to “B********” couldn't be any bigger, especially when “Frühling in Paris” is quite peaceful and melodic. Whoever is responsible for the track ordering, has done great job indeed.A very good example of why I like Till Lindemann so much can be heard on the song “Wiener Blut”. The way he uses his voice and all the nuances found on his delivery are just incredible. Great song too.Why people hate the song “Pussy” so much is totally incomprehensible to me. Are you really so shocked about the lyrics? So Rammstein sings about pussies, dicks and screwing. So fucking what? This is 2009 we are living in, not 1950. Grow up and grow a bit thicker skin. You'll survive better in life. I have to admit that musically I wasn't in love with “Pussy” at first, but it has proved to be a grower and nowadays I already like it a lot.The title track “Liebe ist für alle da” is another highlight of the album. You really can't ask for a much better song. The guitar riffs and the drums are a bit atypical for Rammstein. Power metal almost comes to mind. The short guitar solo is also awesome. Truly excellent stuff.”Mehr” is clearly related to “B********”, because “Mehr” is also quite angry. From the two, I like “Mehr” more. Of course that should be clear already by looking at the song title…The last song “Roter Sand” is great, because it brings my own song “Olaf (The Drunken Fisherman of Henningsvær)” to mind. Without that whistling part I wouldn't probably like it nearly as much as I do now.I have noticed that RYM hates Rammstein, but I couldn't care less, because I love these crazy Germans and that's all that matters to me.Listens so far: 4


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